Jun 24, 2010

Will the Real Muslim Please Stand Up

I came across an interesting article about how Muslims dress up in KSA from the eyes of Western expatriate, a widow of a Muslim man.

The writer using ghost name 'American Bedu' wrote in her online journal http://www.AmericanBedu.com under the title 'Saudi Arabia: Will the Real Muslim Please Stand Up' at the following link http://www.americanbedu.com/2010/06/23/saudi-arabia-will-the-real-muslim-please-stand-up/ about her general view, which I also witness it, but the question, who is the real Muslim?

I personally don't cover my head only during praying, narrate my holy book of Quraan, during fasting and sometimes in some places I go, but I do believe in God (Allah), the pillars of Islam and Imaan or Emaan (faith), despite all that people tag me as not proper Muslim despite not committing sins and I do have high profile of ethics.

Yesterday, I was told about a woman whom I known from a distance for few years, she has nice personality and wears headgear and comes from a good family and strong tribal background, her downfall that she never prays, doesn't believe in God nor punishments of the grave, etc and too obsessed with money.

God has punished this woman on earth, to be unhappy, no kids, not growing in her career after long years of service and physically not healthy; God wants her to remember him for even once, and through other people but yet she still doesn't get it or actually doesn't want to.

We are now alive and one day the Angle of death will rip our souls, without notice or saying goodbye for our loved ones.

Goodbye my soul, I'll vale you with God's words from his Holy book of Quraan.

P.S: By reading Surat Yaseen يس after Fajr prayer,the first prayer of the day beginning of the dawn to sunset, it makes your day good and happy day.
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