Mar 22, 2005

Do we really understand Arabic?

Quraan has come to the Arabs, and the language of the Arabs is Arabic, but do we understand the whole meanings of Arabic words?

I realized that the miss understanding of the Quraan, the Islam & other Arabic terms led to violation and terrorism, women were been miss treated and not given a chance to be educated as a result of our ignorance.

Amina Wadud a woman who leads Muslim prayer service in USA

I read an article about a debait for Woman leads Muslim prayer service is right or wrong and at the end of it its logically right. I'll try to find the whole article on the net for everyone to read it.

A quote from - Woman leads Muslim prayer service - Mar 18, 2005
NEW YORK (AP) -- A female professor led an Islamic prayer service Friday with men in the congregation despite sharp criticism from Muslim religious leaders in the Middle East who complained that it violated centuries of tradition.

Mar 19, 2005

I know were you are living...

A blogger has a hobby of photography, posted some her own collection of photos on the web, I one of the photos the landmark was quite familiar to me, it seems that she took it from her house, after few days, I saw the same landmark & I recognized her house by recalling the photos I saw it.

When to do? do I tell her that I know where she lives and worn her that the landmark is quite familiar to the people who passes by the location she lives in?


This weekend was a relaxing and family weekended to me after longtime.

The topic I want to talk about people who work in banks and telecom companies who are able to access other people’s account and view their statements with out prior permission are the most people you mustn’t trust, even your colleague.

Mar 16, 2005

Looking for a new look

My journal needs a new alegent look, been searching from one site to another without luck, didn't find what I want, the miz graphics has some good blog tamplates, I may check it out later.

Mar 12, 2005


I'm planning to change my counter service from StatCounter to another one.

Take a break have a kit kat.

I'm Taking a break from writing for a while (few days to a week) as i'm quite busy.

Mar 9, 2005

A freaky dream

Getting up in a morning trying to analyze my dreams that I realized it becoming weirder by the time passes by, getting signs that freaked me out yesterday. A lady whom I know told me that she is pregnant, I congratulated her, then she told me a sad news that made me think about the dream I had in the previous night, she told me that she is worried that her child will be physically defected because she has been exposed to an x-ray 2 months a go when she did a fitness checkup related to work, she told the private polyclinic to do for the a pregnancy test before starting and they said they don’t do it at all, after 2 months she went to another private polyclinic and they said it’s a must to do that test, she is now three months pregnant and she is extremely worried, based on the current scan they said that everything is fine, at her 5th month the signs will show if the unborn child is defected or not.

Now whom to blame if the child is born defected because of such an error of that private polyclinic?

I believe my dream was a warning for me to take it easy on her and to support her.

Mar 7, 2005

Eating more chocolate

Some people say that when they eat allot of chocolate the whole day they are depressed.

is it true?

Who filled the candy jar?

An enormous (I am) had filled the candy jar which is on my colleague’s desk after 2 to 3 weeks of been empty, everyone is trying to figure out who filled it up while they are having some of it, I kept quiet and enjoying their comments.

Mar 6, 2005


I like to Add-ones in my blog to look & feel good, I visited several blogs and got some add-one from here and there.

I don't really fancy the Shout box yet, maybe later.

Mar 5, 2005

Who Will I nominate? List# 1

I've been reading many blogs/journals and I decided to nominate several blogs that is waerth reading their blogs for the 2005 awards:

More to be added in my list.

Petite For Life's new Identity

Shahad is Petite For Life's new Identity, for personal reasons I created a new profile, Wardat_il'7leej has inspired me again to write after reading her blog. I know some of the real identity of some of the bloggers, although they don't know who am I.

You can read my journals, some are not updated for a while as I didn't have the time for it.

By Petite For Life personal thoughts. Arabic articles that I like to share it with everyone from best writers.

By Shahad About computing & technology (My favorate journal.) About Omani News. Arabic general news.

Who's Next?

Bloggers in the Arab world started to panic after Ali Abdulemam, 27 years old, the owner & moderator of one of the most popular discussion message board site in Bahrain, was arrested.
Related News about Ali Abdulemam.
My felow Blogger muscati has shown his fears in his post 'Are they going to come after the bloggers next? '
Here is the latest news about the case:

Vol XXVII NO. 347 Wednesday 2 March 2005

Webmasters' release sought

PROTESTS are mounting over the arrest of three Bahraini webmasters over comments that appeared on the Internet.

Friends and relatives of Ali Abdulemam, Hussain Yousif and Mohammed Al Mousawi gathered outside the Public Prosecution building, in Manama, yesterday to call for their release.

Mr Abdulemam was arrested on Sunday, while the other two were arrested on Monday.

Reporters Sans Frontières, an international organisation dedicated to defending Press freedom, has added its voice to the protests.

"Imprisoning someone for their journalistic work or posting an article on the Internet cannot be acceptable in any circumstances," said the organisation in a letter to Information Minister Mohammad Abdul Ghaffar.

"This incident demonstrates that the 2002 Press Law is in urgent need of reform."

The three were arrested because of comments that appeared on their website, which is critical of the government.

They are now facing charges that include spreading hatred of the regime.

The Egypt-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information has also condemned the arrests, as did Bahrain's Al Wefaq National Islamic Society.

Human rights activists are now planning a series of demonstrations to call for their release. These include daily vigils outside the Public Prosecution from around 4pm.

Activists also expressed concern that more arrests may follow - either of people working on the same website or different ones.

Meanwhile, the arrests have sparked calls for clearer publishing laws in Bahrain.

Bahrain Internet Society (BIS) chairman Ahmed Al Hujairy said there was nothing in the current legislation to distinguish between print media and the Internet.

He is concerned that there are too many grey areas - especially when Press laws are applied to the web. "The laws we have in Bahrain relate to journalism," he said.

"There is nothing that refers to the Internet. They just refer to the media.

"There is a gap. What they did was call on the existing laws of Bahrain and treated what was written as though it was put down on paper.

"There is a gap that does not distinguish paper from the Internet. Both are published media."

Mar 3, 2005


The best things I love about the nature is he sun, blue sky with patches of clouds green trees and singing brirds.

Mar 2, 2005

After 12 hrs of rain

After 12 Hrs of rain the municipality watered the plants of Oman again as if the rain (natural water) wasn't enough.

The trees llooked more green after it was naturaly cleaned.

Mar 1, 2005

Logic gates

I'm getting abit confused between the Logic Gates, mixing up between 'AND' & 'OR' Gate and their Truth Table, NOT gate is just a reverse/opposite of the input, that is if the input is 1 then the out put is 0.

Here is a link for information about the Logic Gates.