Mar 24, 2012

A thousand words

My sister and I decided to go and attend a comedy movie and "A Thousand Words" was the only movie available to watch.

It was less of a comedy and more of a drama, which revolving about inner self search, family ties and how to get over anger, and amendment with self and others. It's all about forgiveness from heart and soul and move on with life by opening new chapter, it's also about maturity and not only thinking about our selves but others too.

Mar 19, 2012

Russell Peters on St. Patrick's Day!

Yes, Russell Peters performed a stand up comedy show for the first time in Oman on St. Patrick's Day, the auditorium is almost full, and people are still pouring in to see him.

People were looking for tickets to see the Anglo-Indian performance, allot of people were looking for re-sale tickets, people from different age, nationalities were moved.

I didn't see any of Russell's stand up shows, so I didn't know how he was, I just went to change the atmosphere and to enjoy the company. I bumped into allot of people, was happy to see and meet new people.

Russell write's up pg 15 and I didn't know how censored it will going to be, for Oman, a was a bit embarrassing even for liberal minded people, as it was not part of our culture to openly joke about sexual topics.

Despite all that, people enjoyed it, and hoping for more entertainment events, not like someone said while walking out the avenue after the show ended "Will wait for another show after 3 years". Please prove him wrong.

Mar 9, 2012

KONY 2012 - The Film

Kony 2012

A thirty-minute documentary titled "Kony 2012" about Joseph Kony, war criminal. The documentary is by film maker Jason Russell for the campaign group Invisible Children Inc. It was released on March 5, 2012 via the internet created awareness of the war criminal and aim to put stop of his barbaric behavior towards humans, specially children.

Celebrities are taking part of the campaign and people are broadcasting information about Joseph Kony and thanks to internet technology, allot of people are googling about "Kony".
I haven't seen it video, but worth watching and sharing it with everyone, specially the young generations to be aware of it.

Mar 7, 2012

Once Upon A Time

We all once upon a time believed in fairy tales, thanks to animated movies, such as Cinderella, sleeping beauty, snow white, etc. My childhood was filled with such characters beside Rapunzel as well as Hansel and Gretel, which I countess watched it while playing with my sisters.

Once upon a time I was a child, enjoyed the fruit of life, from swimming to playing outdoors, got a chance to cycle on my bike, roller skate, skate on ice, and skateboarding too which I once owned a small one purple colored funky look. I also tried many activities such as painting, piano and bale dance. I am still found of music, more of piano, qanoon and drums, all depends on my mood. My regret is not continuing learning piano instrument. I recall a Japanese girl who lived in my building, a flat right bellow mine was practicing on her piano on a daily base.

I also played video games which I once owned Atari and Nintendo as well as board games.

Now I'm watching Once Upon A Time, the TV series opened up the hidden enchanted forest in me, which filled with hope, dream to be come something other then my self.

I consider Once Upon A Time the best TV series I watched in year 2012, and the best episode was "Skin Deep", aka. The Beauty and The Beast, the story revolve around Rumplestiltskin (in fairy tale world)/Mr. Gold in the real world and his love to Belle in fairy tale.

If you missed it, tune in at one of online free TV streams to catch up.

Mar 3, 2012

Go Oman

Despite been none fan of football, but I'm happy that Oman won the friendly match against Thailand for 2014 World Cup Qualifying.
Best wishes for Thailand for next season i.e 2018 World Cup Qualifying; and best wishes for Oman to qualify.

UAE has officially started multiple 'Banning Spree', under the umbrella of Health and Safety Environment as a cover, it seems that the government is in financial crises and trying to generate quick revenue by imposing hefty fees for violators.
The list of bans which I came across are:
- 300ML cans, for misleading consumers.
- BBQ in apartments (only in Dubai)
- Sheesha in residential area (which was banned before in 1990's in all public areas and later lifted).

"He's beneath you." That's the statement a young woman in her early twenties started hearing from her mom's Aunt and cousins after her future father-in-law who is her uncle (mom's brother) broke the news to them of his son's engagement to his niece, it seems her mom knew how they will react, that's why she told her brother to inform them.
The whole house (the bride mom's Aunt place)went uprising against the marriage, they see the groom to be and his parents are way beneath them (the same way the Aunt thought her son and daughters in-laws are way beneath her and disapproved her sons and daughter's marriages), despite the bride's parents approved it, even they know that he's not earning much, but he's educated, gentleman and hard working; also independent and responsible man. One of them, unmarried woman went crazy and started talking nonsense when she heard the news, all of them started giving the groom hard time, even when he offered to help like he usually do for any function or occasion, they rudely declined his offer after all this years.
The bride to be was shocked for what she heard, she was brought up by them and never expected such a treatment, specially her future husband is her own cousin. Now she sees the true color of their skin, which they have been undercover for 22 years. I felt so sorry for her but happy for her and the groom.

Mar 1, 2012

Thumps up to Mobile Internet

It took me a while for me to select the title of the post, but couldn't come up with something less techi (technology).

A woman who owns an iPhone (one of the best apple technologies) wasn't happy about her phone that it doesn't support Bluetooth technology with other phones, other then iPhone. I told her, it's for security reasons, plus encouraging users to use emails.

Her all argument, that she'll have to use mobile data, which she doesn't want use, at different occasion she wished that she can use GPS without accessing the internet, mobile data issue again.

Basically, buying an expensive, high-tech phone and not willing to spend on the cheapest monthly mobile data plan 1 GB = R.O 5 for Omantel & 500 MB = R.O 3 for Nawras; was cheap can someone be.

To have mobile broadband internet is the fastest trend for quick and easy access for social networking and information locally and internationally, thanks to Twitter and foursquare applications.