Feb 27, 2011

It's a sad day for Oman

People are forgetting God, by destroying public and government properties, burning up houses, etc, for what? People end up getting dead, and who they blame? They say in angry tone, "The government of course", "if they didn't provide jobs, etc, all that wouldn't happen".

I don't blame none of sides. I am with both sides as long I don't cross the line. But the people if they didn't react, none would have happen, those two people would have died in natural death, God knows how their real death, if it cause of heat attack or high blood pressure.

Is the anti-government demonstrators been pumped up by a neighboring state, as a revenge for publicly accuse for spying?

Feb 21, 2011

Egyptian is blood

I am not an Egyptian, but born in Egypt and feel deeply like Egyptian. I can't explain it, but for my mom side of the family been living there for generations for education purpose, and some lived all their lives.

When any of my member of my family meet an Egyptian, they automatically feel comfortably talking in Egyptian accent, even if we the younger generation who never lived in Egypt, its in our blood. The male member who mostly try to hide it, they can't resist the most.

I don't like people criticizing Egyptians, my mom and grandmother lived among them, eat and studied with them.

A funny part during the 18 days protest in Egypt, my elder Uncle and Auntie were glued in front of the TV and internet, following up the events, news and interviews, as well as the Egyptian priotraic songs of Abdulhaleem Hafedh and others, remembering their days during Jamal Abdulnassir, as if they were re-living the events.

Feb 12, 2011

He aimed high

One of my ex coworker had a dream, he sat and started planned his dreams to actions. A soon as he completed his undergraduate program from the only university in Oman, he landed on his first job, he bought a Jaguar, a British luxury car, and after a while bought a branded mug worth around $52. Everyone asked him why? He said, "It's a prestige."

After few years, he launched his first accounting software, he developed, as he had interest in learning software developments, etc. He started promoting it then moved to another job, with higher salary. After less then a year, he quit his job and set up a business, which focuses on developing accounting software.

He is happy and stable, also achieved his goals. He aimed high and he reached higher.

Feb 11, 2011

Egypt is free

Egyptian souls are bleeding for their freedom. Mohammed Husni Mubarak is replica of the Firaun / Pharaoh during the Prophet Musa / Moses (pbuh) era, who drowned while crossing the river after the prophet and Israelis has passed.

Now he stepped down, he has to leave the country or already left. He has the money and I don't know if his sons and their families will be able to go back to Egypt.

The Egyptians are happy now, but will their happiness last? Who will be the next president? Who will lead them without corruption? Will he be USA and Israel allay? Think about it.

First time nation's speech

It's my first time in my life, I am glued in front of the TV waiting for an official speech, and it's from the Egyptian president Mohammed Husni Mubarak. I never listened or witnessed my country leader's speech, what a shame.

I am maybe witnessing a new era and chapter of Egyptian's history. At this moment I miss my late father, imagine him commenting and talking about Jamal Abdulnassir and Anwar Sadaat's era.

Feb 8, 2011

ما أعظم جنود الله؟

من مقطتفات الصحابة، رضي الله عنهم.

سُئل علي بن أبي طالب (ع): ما أعظم جنود الله؟

قال: إني نظرت إلى الحديد فوجدته أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى النار فوجدتها تذيب الحديد فقلت النار أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى الماء فوجدته يطفئ النار فقلت الماء أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى السحاب فوجدته يحمل الماء فقلت السحاب أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى الهواء وجدته يسوق السحاب فقلت الهواء أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى الجبال فوجدتها تعترض الهواء فقلت الجبال أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى الإنسان فوجدته يقف على الجبال وينحتها فقلت الإنسان أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت إلى ما يُقعد الأنسان فوجدته النوم فقلت النوم أعظم جنود الله،
ثم وجدت أن ما يُذهب النوم فوجدته الهم والغم فقلت الهم والغم أعظم جنود الله،
ثم نظرت فوجدت أن الهم والغم محلهما القلب فقلت: القلب أعظم جنود الله،
ووجدت هذا القلب لا يطمئن إلا بذكر الله، فقلت أعظم جنود الله ذكر الله.

(الذين ءامنوا وتطمئن قلوبهم بذكر الله ألا بذكر الله تطمئن القلوب).

فلا تنس ذكر الله.

Feb 4, 2011

Think before shooting

Words just shoots out of some people's mouth without thinking nor considering the people who surrounding them, even kids.

You see the shocking expression on the audience, the a laughter to avoid commenting or pick up a fight.

The year has started, Tunisia's president fled after over thrown by the people. Egyptian going through the same phase, the people are trying to over throw Hussein Mubarak and he is stalling by terrorizing his people.

Before end of January, Omani's government announced uncovering a local spy cell working for UAE government. UAE government's denial statement included "surprised", "shocked", "good relationship", "we will fully co-operate", etc.

Are the Arab countries getting messed up? Where did the governments go wrong? Will it effect the AGCC too?