Jun 30, 2010

What does 4th of July means to you?

A question to USA citizens and residences:
What does 4th of July means to you?
Why are you celebrating it?
When it started?
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A question to Americans: What does 4th of July means to you?
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Jun 28, 2010

ReTweets: Bans, Wrongs and Jails

Enjoy my ReTweets from my Twitter accounts:
RT @TI3GIB: EU to ban selling eggs by dozen - Telegraph http://bit.ly/a0v6Rn

RT @cnntech: Apple on iPhone 4 reception -- you're holding it wrong: http://on.cnn.com/dkzxcf #cnn #apple #iphone

RT @PravsJ: "Success in not permanent. The same is also true of failure." by Dell Crossword

RT @tomgara: Cant stop thinking of this Indian man jailed for life for selling a bottle of cough syrup. The heaviness of life in jail is ...
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Scenario of modern Islamic followers

Modern Islam followers are those who kind of follow what non-Islam or more of Atheist then Muslims, doesn't want for Islam to spread and slowly people follow or adopt Atheism.

A shocking incident, which made the hair of my skin stand as if cold breezy wind passed it; it wasn't easy to grasp if that person is not truly A Muslim.

A person named Salma walked in a room filled with high sound of Music (kindly focus on that), Salma picked up the Quraan and opened it, ready to narrate. Heba politely requested Salma to move to the next room as its peaceful and no Music, Salma refused and said its ok for Heba and nada to listen to music while she is reading the holy book of Quraan. They were shocked as its against the religion, Salma said, "Its ok, like people who are praying and singing in Church."

They refused, switched off the music and woke out of the room. The didn't comply with the devil's intention.
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"Never depend on other person for your attitude."

I thank Mrs Yldz for her kind and inspiring words of wisdom. Thank you for your cheerfulness and high positive spirit of optimism, God bless you.
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low salaries and personal hygiene products

Allot of domestic workers salaries in Oman ranging between OMR 480 and 840 per year, depending on the nationalities given on monthly bases not hourly bases.

Most of the domestic workers work over eight hours and given only food and shelter. Clothing; medical when they are sick; personal hygiene products such as toothbrush, toothpaste and soups; even cloths are not paid by the employer. The minimum as OMR 40 per month or maximum will barely cover all the above plus sending money back home to support the family, ends up leaving nothing and no saving.

Above all, mistreating them, as a result, rebellions in form of rudeness, abusing kids, stealing and fleeing away from the sponsor.

Who to blame, the employer or employee (the domestic worker)? Who is the victim?

Beside the difference of salaries because of nationalities, they all do the same job, time and effort, the Man power will say: "The tickets and process fees varies from one country to another." I disagree on that.
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Live experience of homeless

Sangeetha Sridhar is an Expatriate living in Oman, talking live about her experience with homeless people in USA:
"@SangitaSri Saw a man hunting fastfood sidewalk dustbins for leftovers; another sleeping beside garbage cans in Beverly hills; but 2day's worst :'("

Source via mobile-based Twitter: http://mobile.twitter.com/statuses/17233554574/compose_reply

Source via Web-based Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/statuses/17233554574/compose_reply

Visit her Twitter http://mobile.twitter.com/sangitasri

More about her http://mobile.twitter.com/sangitasri/about
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Jun 26, 2010

Burger King Oman returned and burnt

Burger King, an American fast food franchise has come back to Oman again by opening two branches not one as before but burnt.

I don't mean the restaurant is burnt but their burgers are dry and burnt, in addition they don't give free packs of tomato source or toys for kids meal.

More to say, they got the wrong Arab nationality (I won't mention them but they aren't the locals) to manage, cook and serve, they are not up to BK standards, they are fit for KFC, Chicken Ticka and Hardeez. Asians in East nationalities fit for BK and Mac Donalds.

Yes I am comparing it to UAE branches plus the oldie BK in Oman, the locals and expatriates who were their at the era of BK in Oman will know the difference too.
People are running away from Burger King and running towards Mac Donalds, as the drive thru is always full and its 24hr open is some locations during weekends and one is round the year plus the service is pretty fast not more then. Three mins since you order, pay your bill and collect; while in BK it takes over ten mins from the time you order and collect your burnt meal.

I hope the service and quality improves as soon as possible, as the investment is going down the drain and no hope for BK to survive again, the reputation its existence in Oman market is doomed to fade for another 10 to 20 years; like the Indian politicians doomed to end as soon as they step in Oman's soil, a curse for BK too and I hope they get rid of it soon.
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Jun 24, 2010

Control your destiny or

"Control your destiny or somebody else will. " ~ by Jack Welch

I just came across the above quote, which reminded me about my self for letting my destiny been controlled by wrong people who once I though they truly cared about me.

The pain and sorrow never gone way, but I always remind my self, "If I want to great and successful, I should work on it", and I proven my self that I can control my destiny not once or twice but many times.

God has written your destiny, you shape it the way you want it, to achieve it. Obstacles can come in your way, you can turn around and comeback or move it or bypass it. Their no easy way in or out, its just you have to put your mind in your head and say to your self "I can do it, I am a hero and successful."

My best wishes to the prospective hero and successors.
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Will the Real Muslim Please Stand Up

I came across an interesting article about how Muslims dress up in KSA from the eyes of Western expatriate, a widow of a Muslim man.

The writer using ghost name 'American Bedu' wrote in her online journal http://www.AmericanBedu.com under the title 'Saudi Arabia: Will the Real Muslim Please Stand Up' at the following link http://www.americanbedu.com/2010/06/23/saudi-arabia-will-the-real-muslim-please-stand-up/ about her general view, which I also witness it, but the question, who is the real Muslim?

I personally don't cover my head only during praying, narrate my holy book of Quraan, during fasting and sometimes in some places I go, but I do believe in God (Allah), the pillars of Islam and Imaan or Emaan (faith), despite all that people tag me as not proper Muslim despite not committing sins and I do have high profile of ethics.

Yesterday, I was told about a woman whom I known from a distance for few years, she has nice personality and wears headgear and comes from a good family and strong tribal background, her downfall that she never prays, doesn't believe in God nor punishments of the grave, etc and too obsessed with money.

God has punished this woman on earth, to be unhappy, no kids, not growing in her career after long years of service and physically not healthy; God wants her to remember him for even once, and through other people but yet she still doesn't get it or actually doesn't want to.

We are now alive and one day the Angle of death will rip our souls, without notice or saying goodbye for our loved ones.

Goodbye my soul, I'll vale you with God's words from his Holy book of Quraan.

P.S: By reading Surat Yaseen يس after Fajr prayer,the first prayer of the day beginning of the dawn to sunset, it makes your day good and happy day.
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Jun 21, 2010

MECA and ESO join in hands for Quriyat Beach Cleanup 23/6/2010

Environment Society of Oman (ESO) sent the following message to all the members of the group on Facebook <http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2329913543>

Subject: Beach Cleanup Quriyat 23/6/2010

Dear ESO Members,
As you all well know, some parts of Oman were damaged severely after Cyclone Phet. Muscat; however, was less damaged but certainly affected. We hope you are able to join the clean-up campaign of the Quriyat area.

The ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs has reached out to ESO to lend some able hands and bodies for clean-up of the beach in the region. All members are welcome to attend and spread the word to others who are able to help out in any way. You can join for the whole day or any part of it. You can meet at the MECA parking lot if you need transportation or drive down to Quriyat separately. MECA will provide Food, Water, Juice, snacks, gloves and other equipments. Please note that if you're using the Ministry transportation, the buses will only depart from the lot at 6 am and return at 6 pm. If you can join for part of the day, you need to arrange your own transportation.

Here are the specifics for the day are:

Date: Thu 24th June 2010
Time: from 6.00 am – 6.00 pm
Meeting Point: The parking lot of Ministry of Environment & Climate Affairs
Meeting Point in Quriyat: Quriyat Port
Transportation: Buses provided by MECA; people can arrange their own transportation

Please note that this is a ministry event and your participation is at your own responsibility. Please send us an email to confirm your participation so we can arrange for an accurate number of participants accordingly at admin@eso.org.om

Thanking you in advance for your participation.

Posted on behalf of Haneen Malallah

Manager Operations
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Jun 20, 2010

Nation Branding - Questionnaire

Dear Survey Participant,

Kindly Participant in Nation Branding Survey for Oman via http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3BVC99Z

This survey is prepared by an Lamya Al-Habsi, an Omani student at Strathclyde University doing MBA project on Nation Branding, a new subject but will benefit Oman as a country in the long run.

I would kindly ask you to read the attached participant information document so you will have the full background on the project and the survey, and then you can proceed to the link to carry out the actual survey.

Participant Information Form:
Survey Link: 

Please feel free to forward this email to your network i.e. Family, relatives and friends.

Thanks for your time and support.
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Jun 14, 2010

'Private Mail', another scam

I received another scam email from US.

Name : Corre, Kenneth, M.D.
To. : info@notice.edu
From. : Kenneth.Corre@cshs.org

The interesting part that my email address not doesn't end with '.edu' domain.

The email content
My name is Captain Matthew Stamford of the US Marine corps stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, I found some money stashed in a couple of barrels while on patrol ($900,000.00) I need someone to help me move it to a safer place, please have it in mind that there is no danger involved. You may contact me on usmarine120@i12.com <mailto:usmarine120@i12.com> so that I can provide you with more details.

IMPORTANT WARNING: This message is intended for the use of the person or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged and confidential, the disclosure of which is governed by
applicable law. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or the employee or agent responsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this information is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately by calling (310) 423-6428 and destroy the related message. Thank You for your cooperation.
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Jun 13, 2010

Temporarily open to public

My Twitter, the hyper social network of the year is temporarily open to the public for few days to enable people to follow me, without my approval.

The decision was taken after people temporarily stop following me via Twitter because my account was hijacked by third party application, which I talked about it in my previous posts, thanks to my irrational decision for allowing it to happen.

Twitter website made a decision after several accounts been hijacked (unaware of any statistics) by resetting the infected accounts.

I have reset my account couple of times before receiving the official notification, I had doubt it was an official email from Twitter so I manually reset it my self again.

I thank Twitter for its efforts to pin, advice and resolve.

And I want to recommend site approved via search for mobile surfers be safe from spams and scams.
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Jun 10, 2010

Oman and Cyclones

Oman has been a target of nature and environmental crises known as cyclones since 2007, Guno and Phet within three years, and coincidence both were on first week of the month of June.

I witnessed Guno but not Phet, because of traveling outside the country in less then 24 hours before the cyclone hit Oman.

Everyone told me it wasn't bad as Guno and I was lucky for not witnessed it. I recall those who weren't in Oman during Guno and they were talking about the incident as if they were there and they actually didn't see the real effects as soon as the cyclone hit the place. No one can talk about it or express or feel it unless they were there.

I missed Phet's action and thriller, but I am glade that my family, relatives and friends are fine, safe and sound.

Rumors that another storm will hit Oman after one week, God knows if it is true or a panic attack, I don't blame people for been alert, as the memories of Guno never escaped their minds.

Now, the FIFA World Cup 2010 will kickoff tomorrow 11th June 2010 in South Africa, will Omani football fans get their minds off with the matches or clean the mess the Phet has left behind?
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Jun 3, 2010

My apology to my Tweeps

Dear my Twitter followers,

Greetings, my sincere apology for spamming your Twitter timeliness with EasyFollowers.com ads.

As I have fallen under their scam. I have been trapped since then as I didn't get a chance to revoke all connections to my Twitter accounts via my mobile phone browser.

I will fix the problem as soon as I get a chance and I don't blame you for unfollowing me and I hope its just a temporary.

Kindly bare with me.
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Greetings, I have been hijacked by EasyFollowers.com after been foolishly fell into its trap or scam of gaining more followers, while in reality I protected my Twitter account to prevent unwanted followers.

As a result, my Twitter account has been hijacked and spam twits been flooded into my followers' time lines, its irritating both sides.

Some temporarily unfollowed me (I don't blame them), I didn't get a chance to clear my Twitter settings and change my password and my BlackBerry browser doesn't allow me to provoke access for all connections.

Read this to prevent your Twitter account to be hijacked: http://forfreeblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/fighting-twitter-pyramid-schemes.html
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Jun 2, 2010

Abbass is safe and sound

Abbass Al Lawati, the proudly Muslim Omani journalist who was captured by the Israeli troops after they attacked the aid ship, which he was on it is finally released.

They have released him today and he managed to pass through the Jordanian border safely.

He honored us for his bravery to take the risk for his life on the name of religion and humanity.

We are looking forward for his article, sharing his moments and experience.

Allah (God) is with you Abbass.
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How sweet

Reem AlQaisy, creator of Islam: A way of Life group on Facebook emailed me the following post, and I love to share it with you on her behalf.

As salamu alaykum All,

I was reading the following quote and I thought that it was so sweet. I thought of sending it for you so that you may enjoy it as well.

One of our Muslim ancestors said:

"How sweet faith (Eman / Imaan) is when it's beautified with Knowledge.

And how sweet Knowledge is when it's beautified with Implementation.

And how sweet Implementation is when it's beautified with Kindness.

The greatest pair of things is Implementation coupled with Kindness."

With best wishes to see you succeed at the highest level!

Reeem :)
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Jun 1, 2010

Prayers to the Omani journalist

Dear brothers and sisters,

Let's unite our prayers for our brothers and sisters in Gaza And also let's pray for Abbass al-lawati who is an Omani journalist that went on the aid ship that headed to gaza and was Monday 31st May 2010 morning attacked by israel.

He was posting live from Flotilla on Twitter until the incident happened:
Via Website: http://www.twitter.com/allawati
Via Mobile http://mobile.twitter.com/allawati

Let's pray that he returns to his family safely and may allah protect and look after him.
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