Jun 26, 2010

Burger King Oman returned and burnt

Burger King, an American fast food franchise has come back to Oman again by opening two branches not one as before but burnt.

I don't mean the restaurant is burnt but their burgers are dry and burnt, in addition they don't give free packs of tomato source or toys for kids meal.

More to say, they got the wrong Arab nationality (I won't mention them but they aren't the locals) to manage, cook and serve, they are not up to BK standards, they are fit for KFC, Chicken Ticka and Hardeez. Asians in East nationalities fit for BK and Mac Donalds.

Yes I am comparing it to UAE branches plus the oldie BK in Oman, the locals and expatriates who were their at the era of BK in Oman will know the difference too.
People are running away from Burger King and running towards Mac Donalds, as the drive thru is always full and its 24hr open is some locations during weekends and one is round the year plus the service is pretty fast not more then. Three mins since you order, pay your bill and collect; while in BK it takes over ten mins from the time you order and collect your burnt meal.

I hope the service and quality improves as soon as possible, as the investment is going down the drain and no hope for BK to survive again, the reputation its existence in Oman market is doomed to fade for another 10 to 20 years; like the Indian politicians doomed to end as soon as they step in Oman's soil, a curse for BK too and I hope they get rid of it soon.
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