Mar 12, 2010

Thank you

The most two people im my life have great impact in the way I am now. They really think of make me look and feel better.

Its not easy to change or commit, but their commitment towards me is more powerfull for me to achieve there and my goals.

I love you both more then ever and thank you 'N' for the advise, as far as I know, you never visited my journal.

Mar 10, 2010

Honeymoon or what?

Some people are on honeymoon and still have the time to update their status, upload photos and post comments. Most probably they are too board.

Mar 9, 2010

Virtual child roots to death of 3 months baby

Some of you may have heard about the Korean couple were arrested becaurse of death of their 3 month baby due to nutrition negligence.

It seems that both of them were internet addict, playing virtual games, as they virtually adopted a baby, they were too busy feeding and raising the virtual child and forgot about their real child.

Poor virtual baby, soon also or by now, she is virtually dead too, as no longer her real-virtual parents feeding her, becaurse they are in jail.

I will write one day about those virtual games effects, as per my experience.

Mar 8, 2010

Looking for credit facilities

People are looking for credit facilities, specially two IPO will be leanched soon in Oman or to finance, etc.

Some banks stopped giving loans, maybe becaurse they reached their limit, which has been set by the central bank or no liquidity.

Others look for less intrest/ installments and longer duration. Think and choose wisely, or you are doomed, speacially the credit crash is not over yet.

Where were we?

I am grabbing my thoughts and trying to sqease them out of my head, to share it with you.

A Saudi man confissed of 'Hit and ran' a child, after 21 years. The reason, for the 38 years man serandard, is becaurse nightmares been hunting him and of course, the guilt. Now how the judge will treat him? Will they manage to track down the child's family to pay deyyah or to forgive him?

God know, let see how the Saudi bloggers, will react or write about the incident.

Hidden Closet

People tend to hide stuff from others in there closet, and think no one will figure out that there is something wrong from the outlook.

I am talking about people who pretend not eating infornt of people, put when they are alone, they stuff them selves with all sort of junk and unhealthy food, more then you can imagine.

Those people somehow are on denial or pretend to, and say "I don't eat this","Are you crazy for me to eat that hug." or blaming others for exposing them to food, which pushing their sugar and cholesterol levels are at the border of been high or already crossed it.

Who to blame, the cook or the adult person who don't want to control his food habits.

Its Oscars day

Today no talks about politics, health, life and death, etc, its Oscars, half of the world are glued infornt of the TV, radio, mobile TV, social network, following the event live, as if no tomorrow.

The other side of the world, either people are asleep, on there way to their jobs/schools, etc and some struggling to servive from hunger or faital death from the enamies.

We will forget them soon, but the dresses are/were outstanding, I have to make one with some modification.

Mar 6, 2010

I hate sitting at home when its weekend or any public holidays, I feel that I am waisting my time and enargy. I mean by that I don't use recourses in good and healthy way.

The only time I sit at home is when I am ill or I haven't had a break for a long time.

I prefer going out visiting my Aunites, going for a movie or drive down town., see people how they enjoy their time, not locking my self at home misrubly.

This weekend I was 90% of the time at home due to illness, I hated it so I drove at night to buy some Sawhili food for my self.

I have canncelled twice to visit my two new born nephews (of my two beloved cousins), due to health reasons. Few hours ago, I managed to get gifts for them to visit them today.

I miss my nephew, who is away for few days.

someone told me, that she decided to leave her passion of photography, because number of people in the family, have the same passion and she didn't want anyone to say she is just a copy cat.

I feel no one should trash their artistic passion or hobby becaurse others do have the same. I believe you do it as long as it makes you happy, but don't boost arround. Show it off to those who really appriciate your talents.