Jan 31, 2005

Grudge and Revenge

In the world of ‘WWW’ (World Wide Web) grudge and revenge is spreading vary fast in every second. This two act may resulted from the surrounding of the person who has a grudge and goes on revenging through either hacking or spamming residential and/or commercial operating systems for satisfaction.

The latest hacker who got sentenced for 18months in USA instead of 10 years is Jeffrey Lee Parson has been charged with creating the Blaster worm (LovSan worm, also known as MS-Blaster.) that infected around 48,000 computers and caused $1.2 million in damage in 2003. Parson was lonely with irresponsible parents.

A quote from US District Judge Marsha Pechman based on Parson’s case that I consider it as a mark of how danger the Internet on a individual and society as a whole:
The Internet has created a dark hole, a dungeon if you will, for people who have mental illnesses or people who are lonely, I didn't see any parent standing there saying, ‘It's not a healthy thing to lock yourself in a room and create your own reality.’

Other hackers or spammers do it for fun and other do it for challenge and they get thrilled for doing it. Vary few are professionals and the rest are amateurs. Amateurs mostly download free applications from the net that enable the professionals to access to their PC without knowing.

Some use hacking for political and personal reasons that affect the nation nationally and internationally that results terrorism both nationally and internationally too. An example for that is the Arabic and English news service ‘Al-Jazeera’ web site that was attacked during the Iraq war by an American, the reason was that the American hacker John William Racine II felt that Al-Jazeera is an anti-American broadcast.

Jan 28, 2005

What are the Dangers of Blogs?

A message to every parent & member of Blog from NetAlert Limited (NetAlert).

Note: I've edited some of the rules because it has to be implemented on adults as well as children.

What are the Dangers of Blogs?
There are a range of Internet safety dangers which need addressing before adults and children start creating and publishing their own blogs. These include:

Publishing of Private Information - Adults and children can publish information about themselves or their family which is then made available to the public. This can lead to undesirable people trying to make personal contact.

Profiles - Adults and children can unwittingly enter private information (such as contact information, photos or their friend's details) into the profiles of their user accounts. Adults and children may not be aware this information may be made available to the public.

Inappropriate Content - Adults and children may be able to search through other people's blogs and find inappropriate content or discussions on topics that are not suited.

Online Bullying - Adults and children can use blogs as a way to bully or intimidate other children.

Defamation and Race Hate - Adults and children can use blogs as a form of publishing to defame other innocent people or to publish racial hatred information.

Publishing Unreliable Information - Unreliable information can be published by anybody creating a blog, just as it can anybody creating a website. Adults and children need to be careful with what they read and publish.

Jan 20, 2005

3D images

I love realism in 3D images; I consider it a true art, http://www.highend3d.com/ is one of my favorite 3D gallery sites; another one is Gallery of 3D.com.

3D Artists by raph.com has good 3D art works too, Grigoriy Kolyadin is one of its arts that I liked his work check his web site is www.3d.orsk.biz.

Good Day by Grigoriy Kolyadin, too realistic. Posted by Hello

Denfo has amazed me 'Welcome...'.
Posted by Hello

‘Dream’ is my dream, yes, I loved it from the moment I saw it, by Chen Qingfeng.

Chen Qingfeng’s some art works in highend3d and his personal home page are http://www.cqfcqf.gfxartist.com Posted by Hello

'Lobby' is a good idea for those who are into hotel business, by Chen Qingfeng. Posted by Hello

'Space' by Chen Qingfeng, look at reflect of the windows and how the sky looks beautiful. Posted by Hello

‘Buildlight’ is another 3d interior images by Chen Qingfeng. Posted by Hello

I started to like the 3d interior images and this is one of my favorite images called 'daylight' by Chen Qingfeng. Posted by Hello
I love cats and this is an image of an Angel Persian cat, it reminds me of my old cat called Fluffy. Posted by Hello

‘ZULICAN’ virus


Alert everybody...

Very dangerous virus called ZULICAN is spreading through sea food.

So please avoid eating sea foods & pass this message to all of your
friends and relatives
Yes, I’m ignorance and illiteracy can be a disaster for a person and the society, I got a forwarded mail about not to eat seafood because of ZULICAN’ virus is spreading through seafood after the Tsunami disaster occurred in late November 2004.

Read this article ‘The Big Asia Seafood Scare’ is one the many articles to aware the nations for no such viruses and diseases.
Ascia Parfum by Arturo Chomyszyn, too realistc too. Posted by Hello
3D SunSet by Andrey Ivanov, kinda natural view. Posted by Hello
Butterfly, a 3D image by Alex Cotton, I loved the way it looks, more realistic. Posted by Hello