Jan 22, 2008

Muscat Festival 2008

On 21 of January 2008. Sultanate of Oman has lunched the Muscat Festival 2008, organised by Muscat Municipality under the theme, ‘Fun and communications’.


The fistival events has been devided into several areas:

In addition to Cultural Events which are scattered in different locations:

  • Cultural Club
  • Grand Hayat Hotel - Muscat
  • Technical College Theater- Muscat
  • Sultan Qaboos University
  • Al-Noor Hall
  • Oman College for Technology

And finally Variety Events which are scattered in different locations:

  • ROP Cavalry – Wattaya
  • Bait Albranda
  • Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
  • Cultural Club
  • Boushar Dunes
  • The old Muscat Road, Riyam
  • Qantab Beach
  • Bait Muzna


Jan 19, 2008

Support Oman Air

Yesterday, I was talking to my sister regarding 2008 holiday arrangement, she started talking about Oman Air, the Omani national airways, and while she was talking to her co-worker advised her to use the Omani national aircraft instead of the foreign airways as the revenue comes in the country not outside.

I agree with the above point as the airways can expand and more national manpower can be employed locally and internationally.

Jan 16, 2008

No one can take it from me

LYM has triggered a sensitive topic that made me think allot how I’ll emotionally feel when my baby sisters get married and vice verse.

I’m vary attached to my siblings that I’m mostly over protective when it comes to them, that sometimes they get annoyed, but I love them and they know that.

I want to be there for them and it’s my responsibility is to keep my relationship strong with them.

They may drive me crazy when they are around me but that’s how they are.

I am having difficulty in expressing my feelings now, but Lym, you have triggered something in me, I didn’t want to think about it now, I am have been thinking about it for few days and I don’t want to express it. Yes I am emotional now but I’ll be fine.

The raining day

I got up from my bed by 5:45 am, I slide the curtain to see outside, it was dark & raining, got down to the car by 6:30 am I took off to work, I was stuck in the traffic jam for 3 hours although the trip usually takes me between 45 min to 1 hour depends on the time I departure & the traffic volume.

While driving made several phone calls with family members & my partners (co-workers) for traffic report updates, some headed back home as they couldn't handle the traffic jam others couldn't pass through the pound of water in the streets & roads. I feel lucky that I managed to arrive safely at work although I was drained.

On Friday the 18th, my male cousin's wedding reception, I don't know about the weather condition on that day if it will continue to rain (he is praying for it not to rain), as if it does the event may be cancelled as it will be outdoor & at night.

My mood is listening to romantic songs, I bought an Arabic music CD 'Mein Alqalb Ela Alqalb maa Hubbi.' 'From the heart to the heart with love', produced by Rotana.

Jan 4, 2008

Arabic movies top of the list in 2007

I have been watching different movies in 2007 Arabic, English and Hindi either on Cinema or DVD or VCD.

The Arabic movies took the crown from the Hindi and English movies. It all depends on who is acting and the standard of the movies.

The post will be updated soon.

Jan 2, 2008

Microsoft Only English

To Microsoft Operating System users,
If you are trying to open a file located in a folder and the folder name in Arabic language transcript, in Microsoft Operating System what ever the language it supports, it will not open at all, trust me, I my tried it my self in different occasions to open a word document or execute a file (installing a program into the computer).

I renamed the folder which contained the file from Arabic transcript language to English characters and magically it worked.

To does who write in other transcript, try it.

Taxi of life

Yesterday while my sister and I driving back home, we past an internet café which in the neighbourhood we live, she said:

“Subhana Allah (Praise to Allah or God in Arabic language), we used to come here (the internet café) to use the net and now we have 3G.”

Then she continued saying,
“We must not forget from where we were.”

Her phase simulated my mind and I recalled the times I used several internet cafés for one year and a half because we didn’t have a fixed phone line at our resident (and still don‘t have), after Gonu incident, I subscribed to the 2nd mobile company Nawras in the country for internet facility and after 6 months upgraded to the 3G+ facility with the same company.

I realized that we all ride taxi of life and got through different stops/station of life and see as well as hear too many things, which never keep record to track nor try to remember to learn or to pass the experience to others, as we are too obsessed with materialistic.

The topic name ‘Taxi life’ has been derived from a book in Arabic titled “Taxi, tales of rides” by first-time author Khalid Al Khamissy.

Jan 1, 2008