Jun 24, 2007

Wearing white shoes identifys your social status

This is the comment I've heard from someone who was watching a reality show about Australian Princess that the upper class don't wear white shoes, is it true?

If the upper statement is true, it may be because white shoes get easily dirty, best wishes who ever wearing white shoes, I don't mind wearing for special occ.


Facebook is the latest social website that links everyone from various backgrounds locally & globaly together. I managed to get in touch with family & friends I lost contacts with them, I can manage to control who can view my profile and other contents.

I give it five stars comparing to hi5 which I give it one star when it comes to privacy.

Birth and death

To maintain the balance in our universe by reducing the % of poverty and hunger that may lead to war that will cause a huge disaster and blood shedd, for an every new born its followed by a death, its a natural balance of life. We should thank God for that.


For the first time in my life I have seen the worst view of Oman which as the most clean country in the medle east, the goverment has worked extra hard within a week to restore the destroyed streets, roads & highways for its citizens to restrore their lives back. Allot of the damages was coursed by the Wadis. We should thank God for his blessing that he reminded us that he existed & he love us that he is washing our sins.