Jun 28, 2010

Scenario of modern Islamic followers

Modern Islam followers are those who kind of follow what non-Islam or more of Atheist then Muslims, doesn't want for Islam to spread and slowly people follow or adopt Atheism.

A shocking incident, which made the hair of my skin stand as if cold breezy wind passed it; it wasn't easy to grasp if that person is not truly A Muslim.

A person named Salma walked in a room filled with high sound of Music (kindly focus on that), Salma picked up the Quraan and opened it, ready to narrate. Heba politely requested Salma to move to the next room as its peaceful and no Music, Salma refused and said its ok for Heba and nada to listen to music while she is reading the holy book of Quraan. They were shocked as its against the religion, Salma said, "Its ok, like people who are praying and singing in Church."

They refused, switched off the music and woke out of the room. The didn't comply with the devil's intention.
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