Jul 4, 2009

Words from God 3

from the Quran:
{Allah will grant a way out for anyone who heeds Him, and provide for him in a manner he could have never anticipated.Allah is enough for anyone who relies on Him; Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has granted everything in due proportion.}
~ Surat Talaq 65/2-3

[Lessons from these verses] Do the right thing, do what you know is pleasing to Allah, and success will be yours.

Jul 1, 2009

Words from God 2

From the Quran:
{That is a nation which has already passed away: there awaits it whatever it has earned, while you will have what you have earned. You will not be questioned about what they have been doing.}
~ Surat Al-Baqarah 2/141

[Lessons from this verse] We spend and waste oh-so-much time onthe faults of others, yet on the enormous day we will not beasked about them. We will be asked about how we spent OURlives. Focus on what is in YOUR control today.