Mar 31, 2009

Beware of the next fire drill!!!

A fire alarm rang at 4 pm in a large office campus when almost all employees were present (approx 5,000 people ).

As per past fire-drill practices, the entire office was quickly evacuated within 3 minutes, and all employees gathered outside the complex in designated areas waiting for further announcement.

Before long, the fire drill officer in-charge made the following broadcast over their loud-speakers system :

"My dear colleagues : With sincere regret, I have been asked to announce that for many of you, this will be your last evacuation drill with us. Due to the on-going recession and bad business climate, the company is laying off almost 50% of its staff.

So when this announcement finishes, I ask all of you to move back into the building. And if your swipe-card does not work, then it means that you have been laid off, in which case you will not be allowed inside, and all your personal belongings will be couriered to you by tomorrow.

The company is using this innovative, never-before approach as we do not want to choke our email system with lay-off notices and farewell messages going by the thousands, and we also wish to avoid any fighting inside the office and the consequent security issues for all staff.
We hope you have had a rewarding career with us. Now please move back in… and good luck ! "

Mar 30, 2009

Banana Test

There is a very, very tall coconut tree and there are 4 animals,

a Lion , a Chimpanzee, a Giraffe, and a Squirrel, who pass by.

They decide to compete to see who is the fastest to get a banana off the tree.
Who do you guess will win?

Your answer will reflect your personality.

So think carefully . . .. Try and answer within 30 seconds

Got your answer?

Mar 29, 2009


Like every day, random thoughts pops out of my head, so a thought came to my about 'Cursing people'.

I noticed allot of people tend to curse other people who are not in same believe or religion or someone who sins, it's becoming natural and the next generation are been adopting such thing too.

As my opinion, only God has the right to curse, because he is the creator. We humans have no right to judge people and curse them just because they are 'Hindu' religion, or a person is involved in immoral act.

God has given a choice and chance for everyone to go back to faith in God until their last breath of soul (I mean by that is death), he sent Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)/(Peace Be Upon Me) as as a messenger to spread Islam as the last Abrahamic religion after Judaism and Christianity.

I hope it makes sense.

Off the topic, watch The Starter Wife TV series, its out in DVD.

Mar 28, 2009

Yes, I made a mistake

Two incidents happend to me yesterday, I learnt something from it, I learnt to accept my mistakes & admit it as well as confrunt & apologise to whom it consurned. I also learned who really genuine & who is not.

The Aunty Zahra called me in the morning, told me that I didn't inform her I was picking up Salma despite she doesn't have any objection to for Salma to be with me, I apologized to her and admited for my irrisponsible action and asured her it won't happen again, she justified her reasons for telling me that and I agreed with her, I respect her more then ever that she didn't waste the time and called me within less then one hour since I picked up Salma, I aknowledge her careness.

Another incedint happend in the evening of the samr day while I went to visit one of my relatives. I walked in the room and greeted two people (thier grade are as my parents) out of three and I didn't reaise I didn't greet the third person (whose like my sister) and walked out of the room.

It seems the 1st & the 3rd persons commented about my action towards the third person. So the 2nd person told them that she will talk to me when she sees me, they refused but she insisted.

The 2nd person called me later at night and told me about my action, I told her I didn't realise that and apologised as I didn't mean to ignore or disrespect the 3rd person and she understood and accepted my version of the story as saw how I looked while greeting her. I was shocked that no one had alart me at the same moment or tell me what I did was wrong by confronting me at the same time.

The above incidents made me realised how simple action can be positively or negatively been translated by people.

Note: Names are not real, it has been changed to protect people's privacy.

From Global news, today, people globally celebrating 'Earth Hour', it's an ECO friendly hour, the world switch off their lights, i.e. no using electrisity for one hour, which means no light polution for one hour. Correct me if I am wrong, from 8:30 PM to 9:30PM and some not all cities are perticipated in this Eco event.

Do we live as per our parents' standard of living?

Some people lived with or still living with their parents, each house had its own standard of living and some point in everyone's life, the person gets out of thier parents house and move in with their spouse i.e. by marrige in our part of world.

A thought came to me, do married people still live the same standard as their parents' standard of living?

Please share with me your thoughts about it, even if you aren't married or you are living with someone. Your comment is valued to me.

Mar 27, 2009

Move it away

While I was at the mall with my sister and cousins killing time until our delayed appointment came arround, an incident had happend or more of an action my cousin did, she picked up someone's ice cream's cup from the empty table and trashed it inside the nearest bin, while the rest of us moved the chairs towards us inorder to sit.

After we were seated, my cousin was telling her sister if she should pick up an empty pepar bag from the floor beside her, her sister critisaised her and sugested to pick up all the trash from the flour. My cousin said something her father told her, "If you see something on the floor and you think someone may fall because of it, pick it up or move it out of the way, or it will back fire on you." I agreed wirh her for what her father told her.

While I am typing the above sentence I remembered an incident happend with me, which actually happend yesterday while I was at the hair saloon that's similer to my cousin's action, the hair dresser was busy setting up my sister's hair some hair accessories were falling on the floor, I started picking them up on her behalf as she couldn't because she's 8 months pregnent, she didn't ask me to do so, but I felt like helping her. She was supprised for my action and told me not to bother but I couldn't. She's gave her time for us then to rest.

All I can say, that both of us had some same principles that we follow, which our religion advised us to do the same.

Mar 26, 2009

While I am..

I am writing this post while I am waiting for my turn at hair saloon. Its Thursday, the weekend in Oman, the day were all the hair saloons are packed & fully booked because of weddings receptions. Most of the weddings take place on Wends & Thurs.

Back to my topic, I am busy brawsing & posting between Twitter & facebook beside blogging, it's my way to kill time & not to get board, the cold of board gets in my vain prity fast, thanks to broadband mobile i.e. 3G+, I don't get board.

A short note

Some how, Oman celebrated Mohsin Al Busaidy's arraival from his sailing experience and becoming the 1st Arab & Omani to ever sail non-stop arround the world.

A group devoted to him has been created in facebook. Posters and campaigns everywere all over Muscat Region (were I live & commute) for supporting him. Why no one is doing the same with Ahmed Al Harthy, the first formula racer? No national sponsors willing to support him.

Best wishes to other Omanis who don't get recognitions from their own people.

Mar 25, 2009


You feel happy when you see people worship God in proper manner as per his 'Sunnah' or 'trobben path' in plain english (as per Wikipedia), but you get disappointed when you see or hear the same people the way they do things or in other words their actions are extreemly diverted from Islam.

This is not something minor, its a tragic, been Muslim is not an easy task, its to practice is the chalange to keep the mind & faith as well as actions in same / parallel streams.

From time to time, a person should question his/ her self about his faith to God, its like reviewing or auditing your self (self environmental check.) I consider it healthy.

Mar 21, 2009

On 21 of March

A day or a date can be an ordinary day for some people but others are can be special as an event or birthday or anniversary, etc.

Today, 21 March 2009, is a momerable day or a milestone for National Day Bank of Oman, as it unveiled it's new logo, thanks to Kishor Cariappa, has posted an article about it under the title 'National Bank of Oman gets new logo'.

Arround 6:45 pm Oman Timing, their website was revealed with the new logo. Most of their branches are/been renovated for embracing the new corporate identity.

Beside that, today is Mother's day.

What do you think about it?

Mar 18, 2009

We have been reminded

Laws have been drafted to be respected & obaid, to be civalised.

We have been reminded on several times what will happen if we crossed the line, we have seen sinarios for people tried/ trying to act as 'Heros' (reminded me of Heros TV series) behind the screen by involving and framing inocent people, and some do it publicly as a rebaliant.

As a result everyone paid and still paying for it. After all, law is law.

Mar 12, 2009

Lets talk

I need to talk, spell out alot of things, feeling not bit of my self, feeling like the world arround me falling apart.

No I am kidding, I am happy for the things turn out to be, have people love me and care about me all the time, without so called friends, I wouldn't have been here.

I am trying to write something meaningful to my self, trying to expend my horizon of knowledge and social network, I won't lie to my self that I now because of my self, no I am here because of God/ you/ him /her.

Good bye for now, thanks for your time.

Mar 11, 2009


I loved this quotes when I heard it
Why love make people crazy
from How to Deal movie.

My cousin worte the following
Wants to be an artist !
as her status on facebook, and I wrote as response
Evryone is an artist in his/her own way
as my status.

Lazy to write

I want to share with you'll allot of things, but too lazy to type. I'll push my self to write what been happening arround me since last Feb 2009.

Ok, let me start about one of my weekends dated back to the midnight of 20th Feb, my phone alarm rang, I woke up (jumbed out of my skin) and picked up the phone, a reminder showed up 'Baba's birthday' I vividly smiled and read Surat Alfatihah for his soul and went back to sleep. At the evening, my sister and I were driving down town and we started recalling my late dad's gesture and his unforgettable sentences. God bless his Soul.

On 24th of Feb, the next weekend, I went with my sister, cousin and her niece who is one and half years of age, to one of international Pizza franchise, the girl who was trying to imitate her Aunt my eating with fork but couldn't pick up the salads with it, ends up removing the napkin from arround her nack, stating rebalient against aticate (she is a kid), but she made my day with her smile.

My last weekend was on 5th of March, my cousin got married, as the Aqd or religious marriage ceremony was at the Masjid been held by the men. I cried when I got the message from her brother that its over she became offically 'Mrs' and ended the lifecylce of 'Miss'. I called and wished her then met her at the saloon with the rest of the female members.

Wedding reception took place in the evening and everyone looked outstanding specially my sister and I. The brideamaids looks good too and managed well despite one day rehearsals or in the correct words few hours only.

I was planning to get the BB Bold, but the it was out of stock in all the stores of my mobile operator. I've changed my plans to get one until the 2nd half of the year, as I need to spend my money on something more importent.

One day, I drove to an offsite ATM machine, my sister got down and when she came back, she was laughing, she said "Also the mutawa flirt with Nasheed," it turned out a religious man who had long beard was flirting in a religious way.

Friendi Mobile will soon be on air in Oman, now the booking for numbers for free is available via and various locations since 09-Mar-09, but the site booking has been a problem for too many visitors. I tried several times since 09-Mar-09 to book for one, but no luck, too many technical problems.

However, the CEO of Friendi Mobile been communicating with people via the local forums, such as English Sabla and Omanforum, I thank Muscati and arun for informing me about it via Twitter.

UAE may follow to ban YouTube after Pakistan in February 2008 and Bangladesh 1st week of March 2009.

The world Celebrating Birth of the Prophet Muhammad (ASW), which occurs in Rabi' al-awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar, and defer from one country to another depending on the visibility of moon and when the new Islamic calander started.

That's all for now.

I'll try to keep updating you'll as soon as I am free to type.