Apr 19, 2015

My Twitter profile gone public

I have finally turned off my privacy feature and opened up by twitter profile, it wasn't an easy decision for me to open up, until my sister told me to be comfortable with my own skin and that everybody has his own personality and taste.

Visit my twitter @ShulaB and enjoy reading it.

Bronze Is Beauty

Dear readers,

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Dec 14, 2014

Something off about it

I wrote about it, kept it in draft to later publish it but it never seen the light, all because I didn't truly believe in it. I felt that I wasn't my self I didn't belive in it because it didn't fill the gap I felt it.

Flip the coin

The year is ending, witnessed allot, heared allot, and came across allot, what's 'allot'? It maybe something to me and nothing to you, can be valuable and worthless at the same time, it can be tangible and intangible, only it is meaningful at the eye of beholder.

Some relationship you tend keep out of respect despite the effort of attempting to keep it connected and alive, you end up being pushed away without any reason and still get blamed or in the right word a cussed for been the papotrator of everything. You see the cold glance and guilt but you accept that that how they are, the time thought us nothing will change and we just have to accept it and move on. There already line been drawn up by them that you are an outcast for the rest of your life, they won't accept you because they fear you.

You don't need to flip the coin to know who you are, as you aren't two faced like the coin, and you aren't a coin to change sides as you please or anyone pleases.

Sep 20, 2014

What are you passionate about?

Few months ago I was sitting with my ladies after long time catching up with things been happening in our lives, sharing our experiences and tips how to overcome them, a topic came up about what each person is passionate about are willing to turn it to a career beside their current one.

As a I listened to everyone, I realised I was the only one who is not passionate like them, I love to be a composer and musician, I love to take up an instrument or to, but all that doesn't generate money or good income, I was feeling totally lost,  specially that I'm in my mid thirties and I feel like I don't have a porpoise or a steady hobby or a passion in doing something I enjoy doing.

It took me a while until I opened up to my sister and she said that I'm passionate about something, is analysis & scripting (coding), I realised that she was right, only with proper guidance I can become a consultant.

3 Steps to Read a Book Every Day

3 Steps to Read a Book Every Day http://www.lifehack.org/articles/productivity/3-steps-read-book-every-day.html

Sep 19, 2014

Anyone can be a journalist

New Zealand’s highest court: Anyone can be a journalist, and that includes bloggers, read more about it here.