May 4, 2012 is killed

I was brawsing, I came across an old friend's blog Amjad who used to own which he last posted over two years and I just discovered his blog is no longer active.

He is not dead or killed, but his blog is.

SAGO Bush Baroque Ball 2012

Yesterday I attended "SAGO Bush Baroque Ball 2012" with my sister and a close friend of mine, it was our first experience.

We set with a group of South Africans and all the women were teachers in on of the private school in Oman. People danced with the mix of South African music. The South African ambassador was also there, enjoying and blending in.

I loved the atmosphere and I thank the South Africans for their hospitality and making it happen.

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I have decided to share with you all my photos, which I posted at TwitPic via my Twitter account.

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