Feb 28, 2005


Wikipedia is a free online Encyclopedia that anyone can freely create a topic, articale & update it or an existing one in diffrent languages.

Computer design

Did you ever thought how advanced the human's mind in creating computers/devices that help to cure the nation?

I thank God for that.

Computer design goes deeper about how logically design logic circuit & processors.

The new words that I learnt are Pipelining & Superscalar, they are related to processors.

Vote For Your Manager

If you had a choice for voting to choose your manager will you vote for your current manager or not?

My answer for the question is yes.

Junk mails

I get the average of 600 junk mails per week in one inbox.

What the spammers get in sending such emails?

Feb 26, 2005

Out of this world

I realized that I’m not connected to my surroundings and the world after one week of the assassination of the late Rafiq al-Hariri when my colleagues were talking about it.

I didn't read or listen to the local and world news for a long time. I started to listen in the morning news on my ay o work, get general idea what is going on.

Feb 25, 2005


I received several forwarding junk mails (emails) from friends in Arabic reflects the anti-religion against Christianity by trying manipulating people’s minds, the word of the day was ‘Good-bye’.

Everyone knows that the word “Good-bye” is a farewell remark; the anti- Christians said not to use it as the word ‘Bye’ means ‘BABAH’ which is an Arabic word for ‘Popes’, who is the Leader of the Roman Catholic Church on Earth, and the Bishop of Rome.

Most of the ignorant or who can’t think logically believed in what been said.
Where is the proof of that or the source if it is true?

Light Pollution

When was the last time you were able to see or view the stars at night from your backyard or window or terrace or roof?

My answer to the question is longtime ago, the reason for not able to see the stars is because of the bright lights been used around us in the roads, streets, buildings, etc. that prevents us from seeing the stars.
What does light pollution affect?
Light pollution affect humans, animals and plants even other creatures that is nit visible with the naked eyes, it imbalances the natural environment.
Where the most places get affected with light pollution?
The most place have light pollution is in the city.

How can we reduce light pollution?
The only way to reduce light pollution is to cut down the usage of lights by using the minimum requirement.

Movies wreath watching

For YR 2004:
  • The notebook
  • Raising Helen
  • Pride and Prejudice (Indian Vr).
  • Ocean's Twelve
  • Shall We Dance?

Feb 24, 2005

Polyphonic ring tones

Polyphonic ring tones is one of the latest add-ons technology for mobile (cellular) phones in the 21st century, since this technology is been introduced it became more and more disturbing for me and other people as it creates sound pollution and distractions in work places, public places and prayer places. It becoming ridicules that people put songs, poems and jokes for a ring tone or a message tone that embarrasses a person most of the time, I know that everyone is free to do what he wants but not on the expense of other people.

The Omani Bloggers

The number of Omani Bloggers have increased in public for the recent months, I found out when I visited Lil pink submarine and saw a list of other Bloggers. Some of this bloggers I know them personally or they were online friends.

Arabian Princess
Pineapple Thief

Feb 11, 2005

First Annual The 2004 Best Arab Blog Awards!

Best Arab Blog Awards an Arabic Web Blog Award. had it's First Annual The 2004 Best Arab Blog Awards!

Beyond Normal blog is an exclusive web log that has won 3 Best Arab Blog awards in three categories:
The 2004 Best Egyptian Blog, The 2004 Best MediaJournalist Blog & The 2004 Best Arab Expat Blog.

Beyond Normal is owned by an Egyptian citizan Mr. R &Beyond Normal is one of his 5 blog & Blogger.com is his web log service providor.

The other categories are:

From UK to Dubai

Moving it base from UK to Dubai gave MBC Group a chance to grow internationally and able to lunch it's three more free-aired stations.

MBC Group was unable to lunch the other three stations and was forced to unplug some of it's shows because of the heavy tax it was paying in UK, with the opening of Dubai Media City, it gave an opportunity for MBC Group to breath and lunch the three TV channels and they are the Al Arabiya, MBC3 & MBC4 channels.

MBC4 was RECENTLY lunched on 6 February 2005 at 9p.m. Dubai local timing (GMT +4).


Yeterday I read an article about Musk perfume & how it prduced. My favorate perfume is got from Musk deer which is an animal that is killed to get Musk perfume from it. I love Musk but never knew that it came from Musk deer.

As far as I know that Musk deer is a wild animal, by killing them the number of Musk dears will be decreasing in world wide, I think I started looking at it from other angle.


I was reading an article called 'Voters flock to blog awards site' at the Technology of BBC NEWS UK Addition, came accross ab article 'Bloggers reveal their motives' and so a small note of 12 RULES OF BLOGGING that I thought is an importent rules that everyone has to read it.


1. Make it clear that the views expressed in the blog do not necessarily represent the views of the employer

2. Respect the company's confidentiality and proprietary information

3. Ask your manager if you have any questions about what is appropriate to include in the blog

4. Be respectful to the company, employees, customers, partners, and competitors. Criticise but be balanced, give opportunity for feedback, and be justifiable.

5. Observe company requests that topics not be discussed for confidentiality or legal compliance reasons

6. Ensure that your blogging activity does not interfere with your work commitments or employee relations

7. Tell the truth and write with balance and accuracy. Acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly. Acknowledge conflicts of interest

8. Keep records of original posts and indicate where a message has been edited or summarised

9. Be prepared to delete inappropriate posts and spam or off-topic material

10. Reply to e-mails and comments promptly and be prepared to explain how complaints are being dealt with

11. Don't steal copyright material. Link to online references and original source materials directly

12. Keep private issues private and don't jeopardise the company's working relationships

Source: Nick Lockett, DL Legal

Rule No. 11 is the best.