Oct 30, 2005

Shooting stars

While I was gazing at the scenery on the beach looking towards the city's main attraction of lights, I saw a shooting star, I didn't relialize it at first, then N who was facing me shouted "A shooting star", G told us to make a wish and we did. After an hour or so, while I was gazing at the scenery again and enjoying my self in my own world, I saw it again, I wished again.

I was thinking about the electronic gadgets I want to own one day, such as an mobile music system such as an MP3 player or iPod; I realized what a west of money, the technology is rapidly developing, in few years what I bought will worth nothing, what fit with other format of music, etc. In the Arab world, I never seen an advertisement that says "Second Hand music stereo or music walkman or play station or iPod needed", only Mobile/cellular phones are been treaded or sold as a 2nd hand gadget in the Arab world.

Oct 27, 2005

SMS Charity

Nawras has enbaled their clients to donate towords charity by SMS, I wish OmanMobile offers the same.

Visa Electron

While I was reading OceanDream's post 'Did you know ......' about using Visa Electron cards in gas or petrol stations is been enabled now, put not all the stations you are able to do that, I went to one of Almaha stations accepted but Shell stations didn't as they have an BankMuscat ATM facility in their station's supermarket.

It was anoying that I had to draw the money and come back to pay, they don't make it esair for them in that way.

Oct 26, 2005

Q #0015

Which country did they rule?

  • Khalifah ibn Salman Al-Khalifa
  • Sámuel Aba
  • Kidin-Hutran III
  • Negasso Gidada

Q #0014

In which country the follwing vilige/town/city located?

  • Nokia.
  • Andover.
  • Gaillac.
  • Bhamo.
  • Bokoro.

Oct 25, 2005

Digital Fortress

Digital Fortress is a novel written by Dan Brown, an Amarican writter and published in 1998, its a good book discussing about the world of encryption; decryption in National Security Agency (NSA), the bettel that NSA been through within the organization (between cryptographers, SYS-SECs, Internal security analyst
& the directors) etc. & outside the organization with the The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

The struggle between the cryptographers about the loyalty of and for NSA.

Worth reading.

Oct 24, 2005


Overviwung other people's mistakes inlightens my mistakes, trying to see the other side of other people thoughts about it. Talking to me made me realize all of things, it may never made any sence to me before, but now it's clear to me.

Oct 17, 2005

Knowledge Game Zone

Knowledge Game Zone has been updated.

Q #0013

Which Friends TV-series Main character continued his/her own show after the end of Friends final season?

Q #0012

List two people who are listed in 100 Greatest Britons list & 100 Worst Britons list?

Q #0011

Who decides the following Nobel Prizes?

  • Nobel Prize in Chemistry
  • Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Q #0010

What is the pure form of a glass?

Q #0009

List three acronym for 'PAD' with refrences?

Q #0008

What is the cat's powerful cleaning agent?

Q #0007

A hat is what we wear on our head to cover it, etc.

What are the parts of a hat?

(Hint 5 parts).

Oct 16, 2005

Another panic attack

I neally had another panic attack few minites ago before writing this post, I'm out of the countriy at the moment, emailed my classmate my assignment to be submitted tomorrow, she sms's me that she couldn't open the zip file.

Finally she managed to open it and the whole tention I had for neally 10 mins. God help us.

I feel like drained.

UAE blocks Google Blog Search.

UAE internet service provider has blocked Google Blog Search search.blogger.com.

Oct 8, 2005


Intresting photo liked to share with you'll. I got it from a visitor of my journal solsticiodjules.blogspot.com and the title of the post is 'Me das una mano?'

WordPress is killing me

I mean what I just said, WordPress is really killing me with its category feature. I can't take it anymore, I just downloaded it and I'll find out its features.

Want to know more about WordPress goto http://wordpress.org.

Oct 7, 2005

Vote For Me @ The BOBs

The BOBs - BEST OF THE BLOGS - Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards 2005

I would appreciate if you vote for me @ The BOBs - BEST OF THE BLOGS - Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards 2005.

Starting date:
24 October 2005.

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Thank you for the thought.

Ramadhan Gifts

I want to thank the Contributors of 'Ramadhan Reading' journal for creating such a wondaerfull web log for everyone to read.

They mainly forcasing on the events such as fasting and reading Quraan during the holy month of Ramadhan, but you can take the advanrage of it in aplying in all year.

Ramadhan Kareem

Ramadhan Kareem to everyone, sorry for not writing for so long, I somehow niglactied my journal.

Fasting is a test from God to purify your body and soal from nogative elements in what ever form it is.

I admir the attempt of non-Muslims in trying to fast or who have managed to fast.

The tyipical way of fasting is not to drink nor eat any thing from the Fajar prayer to the Magreb prayer.