Feb 23, 2009

Lost with movies

I have some bits and bytes to share it with you'll thanks to different sources I refer too.

Movies watched in theatres January - February 2009
  • Asif Ala Alezaaj (Arabic)
  • The Tale of Despereaux (English)
  • Seven Pounds (English)
  • Slumdog Millionaire (English)
  • Billu (Indian)

I lost interest in watching movies as I get board quickly or the events are too slow. It’s not catchy despite the script and performance is good/ outstanding. I feel I could do more things then sitting for 1hr 30mins to 3hrs 30min in front of the screen.

New Drugs
Drug addicts in Iran fiund a new drug, which is less costly comparing to opium, heroin and hashish, the new drug are Toads.

Why Toads are cheep? They say, they can raise them at home and most of the addicts are jobless.

Teddy Stoddard
Today, I found an email been dropped off by my friend titled 'Nice Story', its about Teddy Stoddard who was a troubled boy and the teacher who turned his life around and became DR. Theodore F. Stoddard, M.D.

It turned out, Teddy Stoddard or DR. Theodore F. Stoddard, M.D. is fictional character, but the story is wide-spread in different languages thanks to the internet revolution.

Train Ride
Three year old kid dorve the train for half an hour in NewYork and passed 7 stations before he was stopped.

Who's Birthday today?
Times of Oman, an Omani English newspaper celebrates its 34th birthday, the other side, UAE national blogger Osama celebrates his 5th year of bloggering his Osama.ae.

Qatar Telecom launches 'SmartRoamer' for Nawras customers as well as other Qtel Group customers. The 1st phase within the five AGCC states (excluding Bahrain) single rate to call back home and discounts in other services.

New blogs
I came acroess several Arabic and English blogs, from Oman and arround the world. I will post some of them when I get time.

Feb 22, 2009

Omani jeweller @ Alaswaq.net

Alaswaq.net part of Alarabiya.net written an interview about the creator of Deema ‘Jewels Whisper’, the Omani jeweller Shadya bint Salim al Ismailiya.

The article is in Arabic.

Brand Oman started to promote locally the 2nd Asian Beach Games, which will be held in Oman in 2010 for people to participate in the games. The games will include surfing, windsurfing, sailing, swimming, beach volleyball, beach handball, beach soccer, beach wrestling, woodball, waterpolo, triathlon, jet ski, and dragon boat racing. I just found out that Oman is part of West Asian Games Federation.

Boycotting in Discount

My some of my co-workers have boycotted Pizza Hut for Ghaza as its an Amarican franchise, but they eat from Papa John's Pizza and Domino's Pizza, that's when I got confused, they say Papa John's Pizza is an Italian franchise.

When I arrived home, I googled for all the three Pizza franchises and they are all 100% Amarican corporate . People boycott some and leave others, they don't do their homework.

Another thing, I have heared thet someone watched actress Freida Pinto, who acted in Slumdog Millionaire as Latika, that she isn't Indian, nor has anything to do with it; but it turned out that she is Indian actress and model, born and lived all her life in India.

Feb 21, 2009

Bits any Bytes

I like to share with you'll illustration video about the Credit Crises in short and simple @ crisisofcredit.com, share it with others.

News from Middle East, Dubai is in Credit Crises and loosing it's status by refusal to issue an entry visa for Israel's Shahar Pe'er and they are been fined USD 300K, USD 44K will go to Pe'er.

News from South Asia, Indian infant is married to a dog.

News from central North America, based on researchers from the University of Minnesota, Coffee may prevent heart disease in Women. 9-year-old love guru author reveals secrets of picking up girls through “How to Talk to Girls”.

News from North Africa, Egyption women accept jobs as ladyguards (bodyguards) to protect celebrities and business personalities.

Feb 9, 2009

They deserve such treatment

I never had a slitest thought I would say that, as someone had said someting to me in sercastic way, I brushed it off and continued with I was doing, I recalled the incident and I started feeling hurt, I never tried to harm them, what I did wrong to get such attidude?

I shock my head and said they desearve how certain person treats them with no respect despite been their own kids age & they don't daire correct the person or say a word.

Someone told me once, "you will see how they will turn against you, even if you were right or didn't do anything wrong", its true.

Feb 7, 2009

'Ana Muwaaten' is over

Some of AGCC has pumped their own cetizens to the extreem that they are nationals 'Ana Muwaaten', and they are privilaged and above all, as a result some of them not all became too boosted and managed to treate their naibours like trash.

but year 2009, the tables has turned against them. With the financial crises, UAE, KUWAIT & BAHRAIN nationals been kicked off from work because of that. Some UAE nationals been informed by ahmmm a BRITISH national, which made the situation even worst.

All I can say, the AGCC is becoming western Countries.

Feb 5, 2009

A stranger's smile

Just few mins ago, while I am waiting for my sibling to get off from work, one of the ladies who works at her organization was headed towords her car at the parking lot.

While I was twitting, I looked up and so her walking passed my car, she looked at me with a smile, I smiled back as I always do. She did an unusual gesture, she waved at me, and I waved back. I founded strange because we don't know each other at all plus she comes from one of the well known busniess houses in Oman. I know some of them who are down to earth people and some who are snobish, because they are their parents are so and so. I just found it nice from her.

Feb 3, 2009

More entertainment more killing

Allot of free English language TV channels been broadcasted in the ME reagion.

In 2008 two channels from Fox group Fox TV & Fox Series been introduced, allot of entertainment. The reason is to entertain people & keep their mind off Ghaza, Iraq, Iran, Afighanistan and Pakestan. It is to keep them off war.

My baby sibling started her first year in college, allot of responsibility to take care of her.

My latest web gadget

Yes, their are also web gadgets in the world of WWW, and my latest is twitter.

It's another form of soicial network, like facebook. The reason I joined it, because allot of my fellow bloggers joined and prasing about it, I just felt left out. It's kind of fun and adictive too, I use it via my mobile, and able to use it at work after 2 PM local timing GMT +4, luckly they haven't blocked it (but not for long).

My username is 'Shulab', incase you want to follow me; and I may be your follower.

Feb 2, 2009


It has been awhile I haven't posted, the major reason I crashed my sister's baby laptop (hard disk), and too lazy to use my mobile as a mean of post.

I became Google reader addict, I understood why people stopped visiting their own blogs to read comments. It made my life more simple to read blogs and favorate news.