Jan 3, 2014

13 Little Kids With Big Goals for 2014

We all have goals that we dream of achieving it, even kids also have dreams and ambition. Read here more about 13 kids out of millions around the world who shared their own goals or new year's resolution.

Climate Change Worse Than We Thought

Every year the weather is getting hotter in the summer and colder in the winter, thanks to the hole in the ozone. Now it is likely To Be 'Catastrophic Rather Than Simply Dangerous' which effect the earth. Read more about it here.

Jan 1, 2014

Drop in bank robberies

Bank robberies fall 90pc as new security outsmarts thieves, read more about here.

Latvia joined eurozone

Latvia a former Soviet union state becomes 18th state to join the eurozone. Read more about it here.

Perfect the Art of the Selfie

A part of 2014 resolution you can learn some tips of perfect the art of the selfie from celebrities for free.

Click here to view each celebrity's photo with a caption and a tip.

Times Square billboards earnings on new year's eve

New York's Times Square billboards drives the sales to increase for advertisers specially on on new year's eve. Click here to view the infographics.

My new hobbies

I started getting new hobbies beside my current hobbies which are writing via blogs and micro-blogs, as well as collecting mugs and notebooks. Also researching in general and reading people's genealogy.

I started watching TV shows such as Suits, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Grimm and Person of Interest; which I became more addictive to it. Also got back to video strategic games and other mind games.

The new hobbies I picked up is now part of year 2014 that I enjoy doing it.

Elephant deaths rise in Tanzania

Elephant deaths rise in Tanzania after shoot-to-kill poachers policy is dropped or abandoned by the government, which is sad. Thr government shifted his eyes away from protecting the extincting creature. Read more about it here.

Happy New year

Today It's the first day of year 2014, thr year 2013 gone very fast, like a blinkof an eye, any achievements, yes and no. All of regrets and personal disappointments, my negative charisma overcome the positive ones, I won't lie to my self and pretend nothing has happened, it's black and white, I can't ever take it back.

I came across people seemed to finally show their claws, and their judgements is sickening.

I hope that this year will be better off for me and my family, the only truly family I have, and I love them.