Jun 13, 2006

World cup fever

I never seen a disease that spreads very fast as the ‘World Cup Fever’, at every house 9 out of 10 caught up with the fever, as the local TVs made it a bit tough for the views by not airing freely and the cable TV such as ART, showtime, etc are offering it for some fees, but some restaurants, hotels and petrol stations are having the BIG screen for the viewers to watch.

Thank God I didn’t get caught with the fever, as I’m not a football fan ;).

The interesting part of the game is to see the priceless faces of the supporters and that to see the loser’s team supporters get bullied by the winners.

Enjoy it while it’s still on, or you’ll have to wait for another four years that is year 3000 to watch it again the unique game which is the universal game.

G.C.C United

G.C.C United was born in April 2005 with its first post on by G.C.C.United. It’s been contributed by Omar Almutairi, G.C.C.United and last but not the least BuLuLu.

Omar is an active blogger with his famous blog kuwait Blog as he is a member of Blogger.com since March 2005, while G.C.C.United and BuLuLu started blogging since April 2006.

It seems that three of them are currently living in Kuwait which is part of GCC.

The blog is basically in Arabic transcript (for Arabic readers) which has some thoughts about G.C.C., etc.

High Denzity - My Renter of The Week

I know that I’ve neglected to introduce my previous renters of the week from blogexplosion & I won’t do the same for the prospective renters.

I’d like to introduce to you’ll ‘High Denzity’ blog, my renter of the week from blogexplosion; the blog covers various topics from entertainment topics about celebrities & movies, to current events & politics, in addition to computers & gadgets, and slightly to personal dosage.

Jun 10, 2006


I watched ‘Fanaa’, the Bollywood movie it is directed by Kunal Kohli The film also stars my favorate actors Aamir Khan & Rishi Kapoor in adtion to my favorate actrocess Kajol & Tabu.

The story of the movie that Zooni Ali Beg a blind young woman travels to the New Delhi, the capital of India for performing a dance for the India’s independent day; before the big day came, she went for a tour and fell in love with the tour guider Rehan Qadri who captures her hurt, he pays for the surgery to bring her sight back and when she recovers she discovers that he is dead but the truth he is a terrorist.The interesting part of the movie that the characters are Muslims and the love ends up destroying everyone.

The casts:

  • Aamir Khan ... Rehan Qadri
  • Kajol ... Zooni Ali Beg
  • Rishi Kapoor ... Father of Zooni
  • Kiron Kher ... Nafisa Ali Begum (Mother of Zooni)
  • Tabu ... Mrs Malini Tyagi
  • Lara Dutta ... Zeenat (Special Appearance)
  • Shiney Ahuja ... Suraj Ahuja (Guest Appearance)
  • Gautami Kapoor ... Rubina
  • Sharat Saxena ...
  • Lilette Dubey ...
  • Shruti Seth ... Fatima (fatty)
  • Jaspal Bhatti ... (Jolly Good - Sardar ji)
  • Vrajesh Hirjee ...
  • Master Ali Haji ... Rehan (Zooni & Rehan's son)
  • Sanaya Irani ... Bobo
  • Satish Shah... Colonel