Mar 19, 2011

Apple may slow iPad 2 production

Five Apple's new toy 'iPad 2' parts could be impacted because of Japanese Earthquake.

As those main parts are been manufactured in Japan, the hub of advanced technology, as a result their will be delay in production will create long queue of waiting list, and hike in current price of sales of iPad 2 to maximize profits, plus black market will emerge.

Mar 16, 2011

The effects of salaries hike

All locals in government and private sectors protesting, and one of their demands is in increase in salaries, they don't realize the effect or chain reaction?

Let me explain, increase in salary, means surplus in accounts, mean extra money to save and/or spend. For business people, it's a chance to increase the prices of the commodities, etc. So the price hike the prices, people will spend more to meet their demands, it's a win-loose for the benefit of businesses.

That's the cycle of life.

Mar 8, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg's dog has a Facebook Page

Today, I came across an infographic about facebook and dogs, I didn't understand why such data analysis been shared until I came across this catchy. Headline 'Mark Zuckerberg Gets A Dog, Gives It a Facebook Page' By Kashmir Hill at Forbes blog and news.

Mark Zuckerberg's new puppy aka as 'Beast' has an been honored by getting a Facebook Page, it is a way to motivate Facebookers to be more comfortable to share about their pets and other interests as well as hobbies, even if it is unusual or weird, as long it doesn't disrespect or conflicts with any religion, society, ethnics, persons, etc.

It's all about popularity and fame for Facebook, its founders, the team, and last not the least Facebookers (the majority users).

Justice in Oman

His Majesty has brought justice in Oman again by listening to his people's demands.

He sent the right people who are honest, have high integrity and people's persons. Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al-Busaidi is loved by people, he works for them and cares too, because he is one of them.

Omani people comprised of different ethnic background, but at the end of the day they are one soul, an Omani soul. No one is against his majesty, his people are loyal to him, but some took advantage of his trust and generosity for their own benefit and not his people. He was blindfolded, but his wisdom and judgment overpowered those who tried to destroy his image, that he doesn't care about his people.

God wanted to protect his Majesty, so he gave him a big test to open his eyes, mind and soul, the tragic events in Sohar was the motivation for him to do the changes.

I sat with several people, whom felt such a shame for what happened in Sohar, they felt betrayed by their own people, they consider and look up upon his Majesty as more of a father to them, they were raised to think and believe that way, they also get upset for those who talk about him negatively.

We are proud to be Omanis, our patriotism towards our country is high, and now it's time for us to drive Oman ahead for brighter future.

Mar 7, 2011

One of the biggest sins

This is one of my shortest post, I spontaneous moment of writing, it just accrued to me in my opinion one of the biggest sins, is when the audio of holy quraan is on and you take the earphone and put it on and listening to music.

Mar 4, 2011

What's with Masala!

I picked up the Volume 9, issue 377 of Masala!, the weekly magazine, which covers Bollywood News, star gossip, etc and was shocked that it was filled with advertisements, events in UAE, etc and very few news related to Bollywood industries.

It seems that Masala! are in financial crises or facing writers' strike; is Bollywood in sleeping mode? Are all celebrities in caving mode?

No spicy story so Masala! gone mild, I hope the next issue won't be the same or worst.