Jun 28, 2010

low salaries and personal hygiene products

Allot of domestic workers salaries in Oman ranging between OMR 480 and 840 per year, depending on the nationalities given on monthly bases not hourly bases.

Most of the domestic workers work over eight hours and given only food and shelter. Clothing; medical when they are sick; personal hygiene products such as toothbrush, toothpaste and soups; even cloths are not paid by the employer. The minimum as OMR 40 per month or maximum will barely cover all the above plus sending money back home to support the family, ends up leaving nothing and no saving.

Above all, mistreating them, as a result, rebellions in form of rudeness, abusing kids, stealing and fleeing away from the sponsor.

Who to blame, the employer or employee (the domestic worker)? Who is the victim?

Beside the difference of salaries because of nationalities, they all do the same job, time and effort, the Man power will say: "The tickets and process fees varies from one country to another." I disagree on that.
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