Nov 27, 2010

For a moment

For a moment, we feel that our feelings of love and happiness gets strapped away, we feel naked, cold and lonely, while it is sunny.

We start search for someone to talk with, we are scared from the thought of resentment and guilt, it took a courage to open up, fear started to fade, open up more and courage comes along, after confronting, it made the boundaries' lines more visible after been under the pile of dust and sand for a long time. At the end, the fact that you aren't guilty at all.

It's just a moment, can make a difference, to draw a beautiful or ugly portrait (reminds me of "Family Portrait" song by PINK) my favourite song.
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Nov 19, 2010

503 Service Unavailable

Recently, while I browse the net via by BlackBerry 89000, I started getting error 503, I have to re-click or refresh and it passes or goes to the requested page. I mostly happens while I post a tweet or a comment.

"Service Unavailable.

Technical description:
503 Service Unavailable - Service temporary down, please try again later."

About Tweeting, I am back and publicly been ousted as the mayor of multiple locations in Oman and Bangkok for the past two months, from foursquare after personally ousted some friends from their mayorship.

I wish the 2nd Muscat Asian Beach Sport, which held in Oman by 2nd week of December 2010 have its own badge in foursquare, also for active foursquare users will be fortune to unlock several badges. I also predict more foursquare users will be active locally and internationally.

Sadly, the foursquare doesn't work indoors of my organisation's new state of art building.

Nov 15, 2010

From nothing

I've been forgetting to pick up my relative's ticket from the airline office after changing the flight date, and it was bothering me for over 10 days, as it might be cancelled and I have to pay to issue new ticket.

I finally called the airline's call center, asked for their location and then I had the courage to ask about the reservation by explaining the true facts, the client service told me no need for me to drop by the office, he just asked for my email address and in few seconds, the flight details was dropped into my mail box.

I don't know why I was scared, I just imagined or created a problem from nothing.
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