Jun 10, 2010

Oman and Cyclones

Oman has been a target of nature and environmental crises known as cyclones since 2007, Guno and Phet within three years, and coincidence both were on first week of the month of June.

I witnessed Guno but not Phet, because of traveling outside the country in less then 24 hours before the cyclone hit Oman.

Everyone told me it wasn't bad as Guno and I was lucky for not witnessed it. I recall those who weren't in Oman during Guno and they were talking about the incident as if they were there and they actually didn't see the real effects as soon as the cyclone hit the place. No one can talk about it or express or feel it unless they were there.

I missed Phet's action and thriller, but I am glade that my family, relatives and friends are fine, safe and sound.

Rumors that another storm will hit Oman after one week, God knows if it is true or a panic attack, I don't blame people for been alert, as the memories of Guno never escaped their minds.

Now, the FIFA World Cup 2010 will kickoff tomorrow 11th June 2010 in South Africa, will Omani football fans get their minds off with the matches or clean the mess the Phet has left behind?
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