Feb 29, 2012

A leap year

Today, 29th February 2012 marks the leap year, so we have one day extra working day. I wish a happy birthday and many happy returns of to those born on this day.

I received a message from a woman, who is unofficially no longer a friend (her side we appear to be friends) in a private virtual group saying.
"Is it better for a woman to live in her. parents house then her husband house?"

At the beginning I thought she meant quitting her job and staying home, but when she wrote "then her husband house" it totally confused me because she isn't married.

I asked her what she meant by that, she responded she meant her parents house is better the husband's house.

My response was that we are unmarried women in the group and won't know anything about married men. Only who is happy in her marriage life will prefer to live in her husband's home

she started mentioning the freedom in parents home, no headaches or responsibilities, and the funny part was about the husband that he'll look at her with silence, she have to look at him all the time, maybe he talks to her in silent mode, basically she's trying to understand the man (and that is all thoughts from a unmarried woman).

I snapped and wrote to her that when God will for her to get married, she will know about marriage and husband too. Not to judge men based on other women's gossips and experience . If that the case, no one will get married and it will create global in balance.

The topic ended, I felt she was stupid to open such subject which doesn't lead to anything. I thought she just trying to seek attention and desperate for it. She also not getting what she wants, who ever promised her for over 10 years not willing to marry her.

Feb 26, 2012

Silat al-Rahm: Maintaining Family Ties

Last Friday, I attended a funeral of a relative, I knew she was on a treatment for kidney failure, which she was diagnosed in year 2011, so I presumed her death because of that.

My sister asked a relative, while we were walking towards the house were the funeral took place, it turned out that she was in a coma for over four months right after the death of her father-in-law.

The worst thing, that no one told us about her condition, some people might have presumed that we knew from others. It's also our mistake that we don't ask or visit people as we didn't maintain family ties, so we can't blame anyone for that.

It was just sad that I knew her, how sweet person she was, with beautiful smile in her face. God bless her soul, and have safe transition to judgment day. What ever she has done good deeds takes her straight to paradise on a judgment day.

Feb 25, 2012

Simple life, innocent thoughts

While watching The Other Boleyn Girl, the movie was released in year 2008, an adoption of a novel.

The novel is based the lives of 16th-century, a part when Mary nearly suffers a miscarriage, and then they said that the unborn baby is alive, my domestic worker innocently asked me if "Is the baby in the machine (incubator)? and where it is?" she presumed that the premature baby was born; I looked at her and said "No machines", she didn't realize that century there weren't electricity nor the technology.

I found it funny how innocently her thoughts are, God bless her soul made my day.

Festival flavor

Last Thursday I came back home after long day to start my weekend by dosing off on the mattress while watching a movie.

I woke up when I felt someone entered the room, and it my sister, she gave me multiple choices of what to do at night, either go downtown to the festival or late night movie, I told her what ever convenient.

She decided after I woke up to go to the festival, for me it was a way to get out from home, and I thought what will I do there. We arrived and went to the global village where they sale products from various countries, I went to have two cups of Moroccan tea (more of a sweetened green tea).

Then we headed to the Omani cultural village, which amused us, seeing the culture different regions how they dress up, products, etc, even seen the old taxi models (the donkey). Also how people react, specially the expatriates and tourists.

I have to admit, this journey was more of fun then 1st time, still we didn't watch the laser and firework shows, as we busy enjoying the lovely surroundings and atmosphere.

Feb 20, 2012

You are my inspiration

After posting my previous post, I set looking around and trying to find a new thought to write about, then it clicked me, I should browse the people I am following on Twitter, they are somehow part of my inspiration too, and I can't deny it too.

Allot of bloggers switched to tweeting because of they interact more with their followers (readers), some still blogging and get quick responses via twitter, and Facebook is also a slow motion.


"I use notes to take ideas out of my head. I will never use them the next day – they will be useless"

The above quote of Paulo Coelho, which I came across while browsing his Tweets, that's what I am actually missing in my blog, flow of thoughts been wasted and sharing it at the right moment, by writing them down when it pops up in my mind. My today's thoughts becomes unfinished and useless the very next day and meaningless too.

Thank you Paulo Coelho for you lovely thought.

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I didn't meet the criteria

Since last two weeks, several people asked me if I'm attending certain workshop, I said "No", until I met someone and told me he'll forward the email to me and I couldn't remember his name to drop him a reminder.

The weekend passed and I finally met the director and he asked me if I'm attending the assessment, I said "No", he responded to me that the candidates are chosen under based on certain criteria and I fell short of one.

I saw the group of candidates and most of them I knew and was with them for the last two and half years, I felt a bit of disappointment not been part of them.

All that motivating me to work harder to meet that criteria, I may not be with them but I want to make sure be part of the next group, maybe also been blessed to focus on what's more important.

Feb 18, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston

While I'm on my way to work, i logged in to my Twitter account @ShulaB to read the early morning timelines and to pick up few qoutes to share it with my fellow BBM contacts, i came across the news of the death of Whitney Houston, a legend whose life got messed up after her marrige to Bobby Brown.

She was one of the best singers I came across, her voccls were unique.

Back to blog

Since my last farewell post, the number of visitors tremendously increased, and still increasing, i didn't my infamus blog will be famus for some readers. I want to thank each reader visiting my space.

So i decided to return to write in my blog but not as before.