Jun 27, 2012


I was sitting opposite an hypocrite person, after friends called her. I feel that I'm also hypocrite to be sitting with her, I feel angry because of that.

I've been forced to sit with her in several occasions because of my friends are her friends, and they don't see what I see in her.

I feel heat steaming out of my face, it just unbearable to be with someone you dislike, am I been negative or overreacts? I might so.

I can't get up or walk out whenever anyone of us steps in the room or place, I would be extremely rude. Her main agenda to be lovable by everyone, and to keep good relations especially with me, because of the appearances (very important for her social network).

I managed to politely turn down several invitations from her, and now she's using my friends to get through me, which I can see that. I made sure my relationship with her is more of professional then personal, specially after the big stun she played to manipulate my feelings but God protected me & I found out the next before I opened my mouth and spread false information.

The funny thing, whenever she comes up to me, she looks stressful as if everything over her head (same scenario).

Jun 21, 2012


Few weeks ago, I deleted my blog at the moment when I felt that my life revolves around cyberspace and I lost in touch with my actual social skills. I became completely emotionless and don't really care about actual people, I became too obsessed with social networking and becoming someone else.

I was filled with darkness and I actually hated my self and looks, and wasn't willing to love my self despite I have allot of people love me and try to change me to be a better person.

Now, I am trying to do initiative to solve my problems and admit that I am wrong.

I undeleted my blog and thank God I didn't loose my data despite I didn't do any back up.

Yes, I am back with you'll. Sharing and caring.