Aug 31, 2009

Tribal Hypocricy

Nada: "Shula, are X (my tribe) Hypocrits?"
Shula: "Huh?!"
Nada: "Salma, your son got it from your side (tribe) not our."
A strong silence been exchanged between Salma, my sister and me, Nada continued,

Nada: "The way he smiles, is hyprocit smile just to get a person out of his way."
I responded, totally disagreeing with what she had said in a polite way,
Shula: "He smiles, means he recognise you and aknowledges you," I continued by saying "its his way of greeting people."

My point is you can not judge the whole tribe for been hyprocits, its an individual trend not a tribe.

Will you give teenager a BlackBerry?

An event has came across me, when a woman called and told me that she gave her teenaged niece 200 Omani Rials worth of money to buy BlackBerry under a verbal aproval from the girl that her mother said so.

I was shocked and didn't agree on the consept of the girl in her late teens does not need to own such a device, since she won't use 90% of the features. The argument the girl used is to check her mails, but she can check her mails from any mobile phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc support it too. I realized she just want to show off and her mother allows her.

My self the most expensive mobile device was not more then 80 Omani Rials, while the other phones I had and still have were gifts, each worth from 150+ Omani Rials.

I won't lie my dream of owning the legend BlackBerry, but reality hit me, I can invest on something else worth more, as I had a good condition Nokia E61i device.

"Allah, I am fasting"

Woke up this morning kind of good mood, despite lack of sleep because my daily plan and feeling feverish since 2nd day of Ramadhan.

I picked her up as I have been doing since last week, she greets us with "Hi" and we respond with "Wa Alaikum As'alaam," its been ever she doesn't want to get it or chose to ignore us for not saying "Assalamu Alaikum," the proper Islamic greeting, we feel she doesn't have any sign of been a Muslim, just wearing the Abaya and Sheylah (black head gear or a scurf) means she comply with it as a Muslim.

My daily plan is two hours nap before Magreb prayer i.e. Before breaking the fast plus sleeping late after midnight as performing some prayers then getting up to have Suhoor, my last meal before fasting then praying Fajr the first prayer of the day, and sleep for two hours, before going to work.

Aug 30, 2009

Cold as stone

No pitty, no mercy, no love, only hate, its all about "Me" and it is killing me.

It kills to see a person without faith in God, as the heart became as cold as stone, too cold that no one expect, ready to frame people for their own gain and lie.

Those people, see others who won't benafit from them are nothing, just sleaves or temps to walk over them then dispose them.

Allah Yesamehkum.

9th of Ramadhan 1430 H.

Today its the first aniversiry of my late father's death, as per the Islamic calender, I pray for his soul and others Muslims and non-Muslims' souls, which departed from our world.

Allah Yerhamkum Ya Bani Adam fe hadha Alshahr Alfadheel.

Aug 28, 2009


I am so happy today, had a great time with my extended family, remembered the oldy days and shared some with the new generation of nieces and nephews about their parents.

We drifted apart because of .... I think we should forget the past, and enjoy the present and plan for the future, the bright one, have faith in God, have faith in what it is hiden is good, its better.

I am greatfull for the people who care about me, guide me in the right path.

Back to my topic, I happy for the re-connection.

I am watching the first season of "Pushing Daisies", and I love it.

Aug 24, 2009

No insults

Dear Muslim,
Never insult anyone during fasting even the non-Muslims.

By insulting, you are automatically breaking your fast and gaining sins and reducing your Thawabs (good deeds) from God.

Kindly control your self by saying:
"Istagfiru Allah."
"Hasbiya Allahu Wa Niema Alwakeel."

Its Ramadhan where is the Rahma?

Why to fake for been sick and its Ramadhan. Do you know that you are lieing to everyone and getting more sin then Thawaab.

Its month of Rehma to everyone, you are not thinking of the people who are fasting, by driving them to do things insted of doing their work or sit to pray to God.

All I can say is to ask God for forgiveness. Allah enni Saemah.

Spread Islam

I dreamt my friend is spreading the word about Islam and their was flu break out and people trying to stop her, but someone said we shouldn't stop spreading Islam because of it.

When I got up, I realised I had fever, but I was happy it wasn't a nightmare.

When you don't fast

They are rules applied to people who can not fast during the holy month of Ramadhan:
- Eldary.
- Sickness.
- Travelling.
- Women monthy.

The last three can fast after Ramadhan, eldery and people who have permenent sickness who can't fast pay Sadhaka (Iftaar Zakhah).

Aug 23, 2009

Kids and TV

My days, kids used to play outside thr house or with toys, but now a days, its all about digital revolution.

From they are born, they are exposed to TV, specially MBC3, allot of more free aired TV channels entertain them.

You'll find them glued in front of TV either watching cartoons or playing PlayStation or X Box or WII, and they don't know how to play outside the house in the garden. They realise when they hit their late teens that they missed allot.

Happy for her

Allot of wondafull news been spreading on first day of Ramadhan, two women are going to give birth Inshaa Allah by next year i.e. Year 2010.

A family friend is getting married by end of the year beside three of my cousins, I am so happy for them.

More to come.

Aug 21, 2009

The friday prayer

While my sister and me watching the Friday prayer (Muslim prayer) on TV, my sister commented some points, which made Islam uniqe in my point of view:
1- It makes people work as a team.
2- Be desiplaine.
3- Listen to instruction.
4- Focus.

All the above makes a person comply in life.

Ramadhan Kareem

I wish you all Ramadhan Mubarak to every Muslim arround the world.

I also wish for new born Muslims who will embrass Islam in the holy month.

I also wish the new Muslims who recently embrassed Islam, "Sawm Maqbool".

I advise the non-Muslims to try to fast, its a chalange worth accepting.

Sawm Maqbool for eveyone.

birds can get Swine flu

Now Swine flu (H1N1 virus) no longer between Human and pigs, now it effects birds too, I read it in Arabic newpaper that it has been dedacted and controlled in on of the counties.

So be carefull.

The drama begain

Few months had passed, without stress from childesh drama, but it started again, complains and dramas from everyone.

It seems it will a long-term problem and someone is making sure to keep it as long as it be with more drama, drama and drama.

I have to be strong as I can and enjoy to find the solution then been part of a problem.

I'll miss that

I was driving back home with my sister, and the ithouch (ipod) was connected to the audio system.

My sister was shuffeling the musics, and singing, I was enjoying the moment, and suddenly I realised I'll miss this moment when she gets married (in unknown future).

I started laughing and my sister turned arround and said "Betidhaki Leh?" (Why are you laughing?), I gave negative gesture and continued laughing, she repeated the question and asked me to share it with her, I end up telling her, she laughed and told me maybe I'll get married before her and we'll make time to go out at teast once a week, even if we have our own kids.

Aug 20, 2009

You have a good spirit

There is a thin line between good or bad, right or wrong, black or white, etc, I may go on saying none stop.

You told me something, which hit me or crashed me, but when I sat and thought about it, I realised you were lucky or had the opertunity to see the truth, maybe because you are more spiritually forcussed, more then I.

I wish you the best, have a green tea to relax and enjoy your victory, because you WON. You know you did.


It sad to see people who you care about leave, its prity sad when you see a pure soul been provoked to the maximum.

They say its time to move on, for better place, before they get corrapted. They say they have principle and they go by it, and they thought the people who they had trust in them were the same.

I am trying to breathe but the air is porluted with dark smoke. They couldn't breathe it anymore, as they are taller then I am.

God had shown them the road to get out, some took the free ticket, others paid their blood for it.

Lets rock

As the holy Ramadhan is aproching, the world is preparing for it in different ways, depending on the culture.

My family starts the first day with big fest of inviting families and relatives at home. New family additions has arrived and few departed to after life or out of the family. Other days, is the only time we gather when we have our eftaar and everyone get glued in front of the magic box a.k.a. TV or sleep or perform some prayers to God.

People go either for shopping or for prayers or religous lectures. Very few go out to eat unless invited.

How do you celebrate Ramadhan?

Aug 19, 2009

Be aggressive

Two men within two days apart recommended me or in another word advised me to be "Aggressive", or adopt such charecter, which I found it repulsive.

They said, it is helps to get what I want. I hate aggressiveness, I find it a negative attidude and feel its not femanine.

Generally men hate aggressive women, as they steel their dignety, for me been aggressive is been bully

My due respect to aggressive people, I may be wrong.

Don't say "Why me?"

I know its hard for, loosing something you were looking forward for years, a dream which started to become reality and just after few weeks, "BOOM" it vanished.

I know its hard for you to accept it, but have some faith in God, your creator, who created everything. He knows why he has taken your dream away from you, maybe this dream may be harmful for you and the people you love and care about.

Have faith in God and he'll fullfil your dream maybe in the same way or diffrenty, God only knows what's hidden for you and it's all a test for you because he loves you.

Allah Yehfadhek.

I write and not talk

I started writing things what I wanted to tell people, but because been having poor skills to express my thoughts verbally, as been miss understood most of the time, I post it here in my journal.

I hope you enjoying my posts.

Show = Expose

I have been talking to some of my friends (non-facebook) about the advantages and disadvantages of social networks and my reasons in general why I got out of facebook, they wanted me to login to see what it is all about, why it is a big fuss? I refused as I deactivate and don't to go back again.

I didn't want to expose the people or feel guilty that I exposed them to others, as I don't want to get exposed too. I also don't get any sins by showing people and they also get sins too.

Celebraties are human too

Number of celebraties arround the world got infected with H1N1 virus or commenly known as Swine flu, despite animal right say swines are not to be blammed (inocent), they can't express or communicate to us about their illness.

Back to the celebraties who got infected, their body imunity was low, that's why they got it, their health incurance for good madical treatment couldn't stop them from geting it.

One of the celebraties is a character of Harry Potter series, I can't remember his name but he is Harry's close friend (I am poor fan.)

"Not Responding"

I am multi tasking at work with my beloved laptop, but now allot of applications are saying "Not Responding", as I have over loaded it with allot of applications been open, such was outlook, TeamMate, ACL and MS Excel. Now its crying out loud, "You are killing me," I am not, allot of people are waiting for the outcome of my work, I have to complete it before 3 to go for the GYM.

Where to invest?

Allot of people I know either invest in real estates or stock market, I don't the liquidity or like to take risks.

So what do you recommend? Invest in what?

I am waiting for your response.

Aug 18, 2009

Raise or abuse?

A woman will always want to one day to get married and have her own children, but when her dream is not fullfilled, as the man with the "Mr" title didn't knock on her door and propose, her dream of having her own kids fades it. Other option is to raise other then her own, by taking one of the kids in the family or adopt one.

Some people willing to do it but depending on their true entention, they may raise or abuse the child, I know women who are abused and still abusing the kids, but infront of people they are inocent and the victums of years of raising the ungreatfull child, which they spend alot of money on clothing, education and vications. The child won't know the difference until the damege is done.

A woman is planning to raise a child, she abuses kids and thinks she can gain their inocent forgivness with one hug and next day abuse them again. I feel pitty for the child, as her childhood will be ripped off to be a puppet of selfish woman.

I just want to say, "The Haven can not be bought by money."

Never beg

It seems that you don't have dignety by begging her to stay after she walked out of you and lied to you, aren't you a man enough? She clearly flashed you a signal "I don't respect you."

The only one you must beg is God, the one who created you and your parents.

Get up and start your life again, she's not worth begging for. Allah Yebriklak fee Imaanak.

Aug 17, 2009

Will you marry your rapist?

I have trying my best not to get tempted to write such topic, as it touches several areas, such as religion and society, but I can't help it by keeping my thoughts running in my head without interacting with people.

Talking verbaly to people about "Rape" is not an easy topic, allot of people will be defancive or protective like the word "Sex". By not talking about it, you encourage the young generation to commit sins.

Back to my topic, I noticed while reading several articles, some countries the women are accepting to marry the rapist willingly or by force, at my point of view, if a woman accepts that, she automatically accepts to be rapped for the rest of her life, as if she walking to the hell and slevary. I feel, she gets ripped off her right as human and the rapist has more right and got a free ticket to do what he wants.

Rapist must be punnished and marrying his victum is not a punishment.

Happy day

I am happy and want to share with you all my happiness, no I am not getting married, but my cousin is, she got recently engaged and I am happy for her.

Her future husband and the in-laws are from good family, and he is lucky for having her.

I am also happy for my co-workers for getting promotion, they realy arned it.

Best wishes for everyone, share your happiness with everyone.

Aug 14, 2009

The world is entertained

When ever you flick the TV channels, you either see new TV series or movies or video clips or cartoons and animations or TV shows for all ages, genders and categories, which entertain us from the time we wake up until we go to sleep, 24/7.

I feel the govermants funds the media to keep people entertained to be far away from politics and religion, so some of the powerfull states can invaide and control other states resources.

It's sad, when I see people are huked to Marina and Khalil, Muhanad and Noor, etc, and forgeting the most importent thing, and that people are dieing, starvasion, etc.

Now the 3rd or 4th of Baab Alharah will start in few weeks time, from the 1st day of the Holy month of Ramadhan, and larg part of Arabs will be watching it (I don't know about Oman population), they will ask the Imaam to finish his prayers fast so they can catch up to the intresting series, as if its part of a religion.

Forgive me for been out of my place, but the holy month is not for watching TV and eating, its for to clean your body and soul from sins and to be devoted to God, but not over do it.

Jumaa Mubarak.

Aug 13, 2009


She is hiding behind a fort, which she built it with with her own enargy, swet and blood to protect her self from those who want to rip her dignety from her.

They are searching for the weak points of the fort's wall, sending others to weaken it, but she manages to maintain the walls with prayers and good deeds towards God, by reading her holly book, and praying in time without missing it.

Off the topic, I would like to congratulate 'M. K.' for memorizing the first two parts of Quraan and her willpower to earn God's love and acceptence.

"I am a VSN, get me out of here!"

I have been ispired by the realityTV show "I am a celebrity, get me out of here!", after hearing a story of my young women, between the age of 21 and 27, went to Afria and got board, because no TV or internet at the house they were staying. They end up sleeping most of the time.

I know you are wandering what is VSN stands for? VSN stands for Virtual Social Networker, it seems they are deepy part of it, as they can't servive without it, they didn't go out and do any outdoor activies.

I realised over 70% of the current generation are VSN or TV addict or Video games addicts, they are been shelved by technology, to unhealthy lifestyle and Zero social skills. adopt GWT Technology

I started enjoying the GWT technology, developed by Google, which converts a nomal website to mobile website to fit the mobile brawser screen.

My first experiment was with one of Twitter's thierd party mobile website, I realised allot of news sites use either same or similer technology.

I think and strongly bealive should also adopt such technology, specially it's Google baby, and Google must impliment such technology within its babies.

Is "1000 Mbrook" a flop?

I have watched "1000 Mabrook" or Alf Mabrook, an Arabic Egyption movie of year 2009, which was not categorized as romantic or comedian as per Arab standard.

But allot of people who didn't get the consept and repitative death & living again had a meaning behind it, they didn't watch between the sceens, the meaning of life, living and caring about others. People didn't expect the actor Ahmed Helmi won't get out of the comedian frame and join the reality.

I loved the movie, worth watching, learn to how to change your life and accept that you can't change your faith, which is death, I mean you can't prepond or prospond it, and I accept that.

Who ever thought it is a flop movie, you made a mistake, try to see it again.

I realized that people in AGCC refer Egyptions as comedians, that's why they just laugh at the silliest Eygption joke or prefer watching the 2nd class comedian movies then drama or action movie, which has more stronger message. I know we need to laugh from time to time, but not to lower our sevles.

It's time to give credit to the Egyption drama, and promote it in the AGCC.

Aug 9, 2009

I miss you

I won't lie and say I don't miss writing on my blog, but I really do, it's the only place I write on my rule, not other person(s)' rules.

Since I went away on a busniess trip, I got my self away from my journal and Twitter, and cought into facebook, but now no more facebook or twitter, only here. I am trying to get into more real activities, such as gym, outdoor activies, and other things, which will keep me busy. Blogging is more of "Khawater" to me.

Proud to be his doughter

I am proud, not just saying it but feeling it that I am proud to be my father's doughter, proud to cary his name and proud that he was a simpale man from simpale family.

My father was a great man, more then I knew, a loving and caring father, who tried his best to make his kids happy until his last breath in this world. His achivemences before his death was known only between him and God, what we knew was nothing.

His seeked his father's blessing and in return we seeked his blessing too. 9th of Ramadhan will be his 1st year passed of his death. I pray for his peacfull soul. Ameen,

Aug 7, 2009

My random thoughts

Random thoughts for the past months, from latest to oldest:

This came up when I saw allot of people from my socaity, who are strgalling between Eastern and Western culture and how their faith in religion is been faiding away. Its also one of my reasons to diaconnect from Facebook for good.
"We are torn up between the Eastern and Western cultures, which we end up loosing our own, even when we are living in our own country."

I have met allot of people who iterpitate God's word in their advantages when they feel like it, even the culture.
"It seems people use God's words when it suits them, for personal gain."

God been giving people allot of chances to remember him, but people forget him very fast.
Thanks God for giving her chances to prove her faith in him & reminding her his existence.

I only lived in my own country Oman from the last qouter of year 2003, plus the first six years of my life, I went away for 25 days, I feel Oman is the only peaceful country and my home. Were ever I go, its my home and I am proud to be Omani nationality.
"I never thought I'll ever say that, but Oman is my true home."

I felt to sit at home, doing nothing exept watching TV, my time is wasted, I regrat allot.
"You can let the time steal you by doing nothing, but I choose to grab it."

That's why God created Eve from Adam's rib to be his companion.
"Woman can live without man, but man can't live without woman."

When someone told another person in Arabic language to humiliate me and my friend, who happend to be non-Arab, and she forgot that I am an Arab.
"How funny when people show their true face infront of you, and forget for a moment that you are right infornt of them."

A reminder to other people about existence of God.
"Detoxicate your soul and replace it with faith in God."

We choose to live the way we went.
"No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness."

With God's power, on a yearly bases, we forget how 'Hot' the weather can reach in Oman.
"We shouldn't complain about the weather, as we can't change it at all, we should make the most out of it."

Very few people I truly trust.
"Trust the person who will back you up when you fall."

Thanks for your time.

Aug 6, 2009

I feel like crying

I have allot of pain in my heart, not phisicaly but emotional, I feel my rights have been ripped off because a man (who is the suppose to represent me) thinks other person (who made a mistake and guilty) has more rights then I am despite logically I have 100% right.

What to say when you don't have a man to back you up and support you. Where is the eithics, moral, religion, etc.

Yes, I am back with negative thoughts, which I am not proud of, I wanted to come back with something good & pleasent.

Off the topic, planning to get off facebook for good, seen things, which makes me feel I want to puke. I may be looked at as a backward, but I am proud of who am I.