Jun 24, 2010

Control your destiny or

"Control your destiny or somebody else will. " ~ by Jack Welch

I just came across the above quote, which reminded me about my self for letting my destiny been controlled by wrong people who once I though they truly cared about me.

The pain and sorrow never gone way, but I always remind my self, "If I want to great and successful, I should work on it", and I proven my self that I can control my destiny not once or twice but many times.

God has written your destiny, you shape it the way you want it, to achieve it. Obstacles can come in your way, you can turn around and comeback or move it or bypass it. Their no easy way in or out, its just you have to put your mind in your head and say to your self "I can do it, I am a hero and successful."

My best wishes to the prospective hero and successors.
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