Jul 25, 2006

Despite been away..

Allot of visitors have been visiting me blog, I think them, despite been a way.

I haven't been using the internet since my last post in my beloved blog that's 8th of July 2006, allot of things happened since then, the my cousin's wedding reception, preparations for another weeding reception, watching movies, specially Arabic & Indian (Bollwood), a business trip to Salalah – Dhofar region for a week, etc, I miss blogging, trying to find a topic that the readers may read.

I was wondering of how to attract more readers by posting sensible topics, what I mean that my thoughts should be connective and understandable, not scattered around, I know allot of people put me into the 'weird' category, that what I feel but no one really told me that.

So what's new, my Salalah trip was great, the weather is autumn, allot of drizzling rain. The sea smell is distinctive, smells of squid (sea food).

Jul 8, 2006

Finally I've graduated.

I finally completed my Bachelor's degree after years of changing my majors and other personal reasons that hindered me to complete in time, I thank my God first, then parents, siblings, Uncles and Aunties as well as my cousins who have supported me all this years and motivated me to complete, oh I forgot the head of departments & the lecturers who have guided me too; as for me its not the end of educating my self, but it’s the just a first step of expending my career and knowledge, as my motivation to do some Professional certifications for couple of years to enable my self to gain more experience and knowledge in my current career then postgraduate degree.