Nov 29, 2007

The deadly phone call

The phone is ringing, she picks up the phone & looks at the caller's name displays on the phone's screen, her heart started pounding with happiness that her Prince Charm is on the other side of the phone waiting for her response.

At that moment flashing memories of the first time she saw him, listening the gossips of so many women admiring him for his IQ, qualifications & charms that sweeps women's minds.

Her first impression that he has a geeky look, after months of knowing him, she realised that she fall in love with him. She started to arrange parties & outdoor trips just for him to attend it, she started telling her friends & relatives about him, as a result she was getting logic & irrational advices until she did the deadly mistake that ruined the friendly relationship to an odd one, she told him that she wants to marry him. His response was strait forward & clear & his answer was "No". He considered her as a friend not more then that. She called up everyone & told them what happened, who really cared about her told her that her approach was 100% wrong.

She didn't give, as it is the first time a man say no to her. Phone calls as well as organizing parties & outdoor trips never ended as long as he attends it.

Coming back to the reality, she answers the phone and started talking to him, then he broke up the news "I'm getting married" "I'm telling you because you are my friend."

Her reaction that she was desperate and he got married.

That's the deadly phone call.

Sibling TV series

My favorite TV series Hope & Faith and Frasier, the reason I love it because it shows how siblings behave in different levels of their lives. How they compete against each other and support each other.


On Monday evening I was looking for my debit card to draw some cash, I found out that I lost it, so after my sister started to nag me for five minite, I contacted by bank's customer service to report it and to block the card. The customer service woman couldn't access my account as I'm an employee of the same bank so she had to contact someone else to get the card number, after five to ten minites the card was blocked.

The next day I went to the office and openned my account to get the card number and report for a replacement, I found out that my debit card haven't been blocked, else my credit card was blocked and reported lost. I had a bad day that day about it and I had to contact the HR to block and replace my lost card.

Sorry to say I have a problem with local women when it comes to customer service.

Nov 28, 2007

Soft launch of 3.5G service from Nawras

Nawras who have recently won Middle East Mobile Operator of the year and prestigious Middle East Business Achievement Award for CSR, have soft launched of 3.5G service in Oman, and its expending the network at the same time to reach.

As per my experiance with the 3.5G service has been great, its prity fast.

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Socially interconneted

Today I went to pay my condolences to my co-worker for the death of her brother who passed away yesterday afternoon in a car accident. Her surname is the same as my grandmother's surname but she comes from another community. When I arrived there, I've seen several women who are my blood relative & some by inter-marriege, some how my other team members knew them.

My point is never say that someone you think you don't know you or your family & its ok to behave as you like in front of them & nothing will reach to your family then you are wong, that person or someone he knows can be linked to someone in your family, as we are at any point we are socially inter-connected.

Nov 23, 2007

The Family Mentor

At my previous post I talked about my new project of creating a family journal & I'm in the process of getting the approval.

Today, I finally got it after sharing my idea to my aunt. She fully supporting me with the project & oversees the outcomes that will be a big advantage for everyone.

After finaly reached to an agreement, she mansioned something about me, that she has seen a big change in my personalily, that I became more confident in what I do & taking more responsibilites. On my side I feel I am more matured mentaly that I'm ready to take risks.

Another good news I have recieved that my teenaged cousins for the first time in there lives have enjoyed the family because we the elders made them feel that they are mature enough to let them sit with us & participate in different topics and now they are excited for the next monthly family gatherings.

I am happy with the outcome & that what I was expecting. My advice is always keep your family first, as you can't replace them.

I wish you!

Today 23 November 2007, I'm celebrating my 29th birthday. I actually celebrated it few hours ago and it was good.

Nov 11, 2007



I have past through a lot of barriers past my path that made me fail several times along the way, but thank god I always find the way to get back on track after taking alternative decisions and came up with solutions that helped me pass through my difficulties.

I thank first God for giving me the faith and power to get over it and pick up what left in me to pursue my career; I thank my parents and members of my family as well as my lectures who have guided me and believed in me; and the most people I thank are those who have criticized me since my childhood up to now.

A person who I thought and looked up to her as my mentor tried to bring me down several times by destroying my motivation, 1st by saying that my major in IT won't be useful in my career wise, 2nd that the family doesn't expect me to pass as they know and used to it that I am after all a failure and they are actually are hypocrites in front of me. I carried allot when she said about the family but God's mercy, I forgot about it and I didn't keep any grudge against them, After two years I recalled the incident and that the family really supported me that they were paying for my education, I realised that what she was saying was all a lie because she envied me and did not want me to be successful person and add value in the society and she wanted me to look like an idiot that I don't have a goal or a purpose in life, and I thank God she didn't succeed.

recently I had spoken to several people and unfortunately found out that the same woman tried to destroy others people's lives too in different levels, some of them got effected badly as the incident has happened when they were in their teens and some managed to get over it by other people helping them and guiding them at the right path. Allot of them are trying to help each other to get over it and the red alert is on and destruction recovery plan is been implemented.

I like to share my knowledge and experience with people on one hand in order to increase their knowledge and productivity and in their other hand to minimize their mistakes. I have seen the limitation of guidance I have been exposed and I do not want anyone to mess up their lives and career.

I love doing researches via the internet, my sister calls me 'Wikiphedia Geek' as I refer to it most of the time for a quick answers, I call it the sandwich encyclopaedia as a fast resource for me, I do not 100% depend on it when I do my assignments/projects, I go through other websites too, when I use it I go through the references too.

When it came a debate if Wikiphedia is really reliable source as anyone can add and edit it as long as they can support with references and some school teachers as well as universities and colleges assign their students to add and edit papers in Wikiphedia, an idea came into my mind that what if I use the same concept with my family members who are in their primary and elementary school, they have to write an article based on what they have read or studied that interest them, it has two be written in Arabic and English language, the objectives of this method are:

Strengthen the grammar and vocabulary.

Develop writing skills.

Develop their interests.

Use the internet resources in an assertive manner.

Develop their social and career techniques.

Add value.

Based on above my next project is to a mentor for my younger generations to prepare them to be a future successful entrepreneurs.

My first steps to achieve it

    Talk to my aunts about my idea.

    Create an online journal

    Add the candidates

    The first articles will be posted by the end of every week starting from summer 2008.

    In school days, one article every month.

    The journal will be viewed by the parents to see the progress of their children.

Pray for me it works out.