Aug 26, 2011


Dear Readers,

I have decided to end my journey of writing in my blog. It started in year 2003, when I moved back to my country after years of been away.

This I shared allot of things, and yesterday I initially decided to temporarily end expressing my feeling, but now I feel i should permanently end it. My posts are generally negative more then positive, and I feel that is not me. I have allot of topics and thoughts to write, but when I start typing, my post is short and I get lost in the middle of the article.

I do have dreams, I need to reassess them. I am on Twitter, my user ID is @Shulab. It's temporarily open for everyone who wants to follow me.

All my previous posts will be deleted in future, after I move them to another private blog.

I will miss this place, but I believe it's the best decision I ever made in year 2011, During last 10 days of Ramadhan.

and finally Eid greetings to everyone.