Aug 17, 2009

Will you marry your rapist?

I have trying my best not to get tempted to write such topic, as it touches several areas, such as religion and society, but I can't help it by keeping my thoughts running in my head without interacting with people.

Talking verbaly to people about "Rape" is not an easy topic, allot of people will be defancive or protective like the word "Sex". By not talking about it, you encourage the young generation to commit sins.

Back to my topic, I noticed while reading several articles, some countries the women are accepting to marry the rapist willingly or by force, at my point of view, if a woman accepts that, she automatically accepts to be rapped for the rest of her life, as if she walking to the hell and slevary. I feel, she gets ripped off her right as human and the rapist has more right and got a free ticket to do what he wants.

Rapist must be punnished and marrying his victum is not a punishment.

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