Aug 31, 2009

Will you give teenager a BlackBerry?

An event has came across me, when a woman called and told me that she gave her teenaged niece 200 Omani Rials worth of money to buy BlackBerry under a verbal aproval from the girl that her mother said so.

I was shocked and didn't agree on the consept of the girl in her late teens does not need to own such a device, since she won't use 90% of the features. The argument the girl used is to check her mails, but she can check her mails from any mobile phones such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, etc support it too. I realized she just want to show off and her mother allows her.

My self the most expensive mobile device was not more then 80 Omani Rials, while the other phones I had and still have were gifts, each worth from 150+ Omani Rials.

I won't lie my dream of owning the legend BlackBerry, but reality hit me, I can invest on something else worth more, as I had a good condition Nokia E61i device.

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