Aug 18, 2009

Raise or abuse?

A woman will always want to one day to get married and have her own children, but when her dream is not fullfilled, as the man with the "Mr" title didn't knock on her door and propose, her dream of having her own kids fades it. Other option is to raise other then her own, by taking one of the kids in the family or adopt one.

Some people willing to do it but depending on their true entention, they may raise or abuse the child, I know women who are abused and still abusing the kids, but infront of people they are inocent and the victums of years of raising the ungreatfull child, which they spend alot of money on clothing, education and vications. The child won't know the difference until the damege is done.

A woman is planning to raise a child, she abuses kids and thinks she can gain their inocent forgivness with one hug and next day abuse them again. I feel pitty for the child, as her childhood will be ripped off to be a puppet of selfish woman.

I just want to say, "The Haven can not be bought by money."

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