Aug 7, 2009

My random thoughts

Random thoughts for the past months, from latest to oldest:

This came up when I saw allot of people from my socaity, who are strgalling between Eastern and Western culture and how their faith in religion is been faiding away. Its also one of my reasons to diaconnect from Facebook for good.
"We are torn up between the Eastern and Western cultures, which we end up loosing our own, even when we are living in our own country."

I have met allot of people who iterpitate God's word in their advantages when they feel like it, even the culture.
"It seems people use God's words when it suits them, for personal gain."

God been giving people allot of chances to remember him, but people forget him very fast.
Thanks God for giving her chances to prove her faith in him & reminding her his existence.

I only lived in my own country Oman from the last qouter of year 2003, plus the first six years of my life, I went away for 25 days, I feel Oman is the only peaceful country and my home. Were ever I go, its my home and I am proud to be Omani nationality.
"I never thought I'll ever say that, but Oman is my true home."

I felt to sit at home, doing nothing exept watching TV, my time is wasted, I regrat allot.
"You can let the time steal you by doing nothing, but I choose to grab it."

That's why God created Eve from Adam's rib to be his companion.
"Woman can live without man, but man can't live without woman."

When someone told another person in Arabic language to humiliate me and my friend, who happend to be non-Arab, and she forgot that I am an Arab.
"How funny when people show their true face infront of you, and forget for a moment that you are right infornt of them."

A reminder to other people about existence of God.
"Detoxicate your soul and replace it with faith in God."

We choose to live the way we went.
"No one is born happy. But all of us are born with the ability to create happiness."

With God's power, on a yearly bases, we forget how 'Hot' the weather can reach in Oman.
"We shouldn't complain about the weather, as we can't change it at all, we should make the most out of it."

Very few people I truly trust.
"Trust the person who will back you up when you fall."

Thanks for your time.

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