Aug 31, 2009

"Allah, I am fasting"

Woke up this morning kind of good mood, despite lack of sleep because my daily plan and feeling feverish since 2nd day of Ramadhan.

I picked her up as I have been doing since last week, she greets us with "Hi" and we respond with "Wa Alaikum As'alaam," its been ever she doesn't want to get it or chose to ignore us for not saying "Assalamu Alaikum," the proper Islamic greeting, we feel she doesn't have any sign of been a Muslim, just wearing the Abaya and Sheylah (black head gear or a scurf) means she comply with it as a Muslim.

My daily plan is two hours nap before Magreb prayer i.e. Before breaking the fast plus sleeping late after midnight as performing some prayers then getting up to have Suhoor, my last meal before fasting then praying Fajr the first prayer of the day, and sleep for two hours, before going to work.

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