Aug 13, 2009

Is "1000 Mbrook" a flop?

I have watched "1000 Mabrook" or Alf Mabrook, an Arabic Egyption movie of year 2009, which was not categorized as romantic or comedian as per Arab standard.

But allot of people who didn't get the consept and repitative death & living again had a meaning behind it, they didn't watch between the sceens, the meaning of life, living and caring about others. People didn't expect the actor Ahmed Helmi won't get out of the comedian frame and join the reality.

I loved the movie, worth watching, learn to how to change your life and accept that you can't change your faith, which is death, I mean you can't prepond or prospond it, and I accept that.

Who ever thought it is a flop movie, you made a mistake, try to see it again.

I realized that people in AGCC refer Egyptions as comedians, that's why they just laugh at the silliest Eygption joke or prefer watching the 2nd class comedian movies then drama or action movie, which has more stronger message. I know we need to laugh from time to time, but not to lower our sevles.

It's time to give credit to the Egyption drama, and promote it in the AGCC.

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