Apr 20, 2009

Its hot

I haven't been writing allot lately, as most of my posts have been pre-schadulled for the past week and may continue until 1st week of May.

I am kind off busy as well as recovering from cold & back ache, resulted of long hours of sitting infront of laptop screen work& home. Been advised to be off the laptop for 2 weeks at home, but I'm back to work & trying my best not to brawse via my mobile.

I am out & trying to kill time by writing this post, as I miss reading & tweeting, I also miss my tweeps. I was tempted to read their posts but I stopped my self as I know I'll start responding to their posts.

That's all for now, enjoy my posts from my inbox. It's the Alasr prayer time now, how lovely to hear the muathin & the sound of the waves, its so relaxing but the weather is too hot, I am out of my mind to sit outside.

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