Apr 15, 2009

For Everyone's Boss- Valid till Recession

Beside the hilarious illustration, an Omani Acting Sub/Lieutenant Saud bin Ali Al Tamtami of the Royal Navy of Oman (RNO), has honorary been awarded the Queen Award and the British Navy Award. Al Tamtami has also bagged more prizes an awards during his studies including Navigation Award and Award of the French Academy for Navigation and Marine Arts.

About cybercrimes, The Police Central e-crime Unit raided addresses in London suspected to be part of an European cybercrime operation.

Re-Twitter @kishorcariappa: Oman sets rules for pet walking. http://tinyurl.com/dhr3gp, which I found it odd and illogical for walking pats between 10AM and 3PM in such hot climate. Is it a way or a sign for discourage people especially expatriates to own dogs, People are talking about it too in Omanforum, a local forum under the 'Dog Walking in Oman'.

Another Re-Twitter @
kishorcariappa: How bloggers are making money. http://is.gd/s7e4.

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