Apr 11, 2009

Clean up day

Monday, was a day for me to clear up my inbox (email) from all the junk mails & forwarding from friends and co-workers.

I managed to delete nearly 1000 mails, which weren't relevant to work and some of them I sent it to my personal email in order to post it at my beloved journal to share it with you.

At some point I wanted to keep some of the religious mails but I felt its been there for over a year and I won't read it.

I attended an advanced related course from Tuesday to Thursday, which was good for me, had brainstorm of some ideas related to work.

Friday, as a day I went to have lunch at my Auntie's place and had a good time with my cousins, I joined them later in the evening for coffee at the The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Al Bahja mall, the first outlet in Oman.

Most of the people used to go to Al Bahja mall because of the movie cinema and kids play section, but since last year when Costa Coffee opened it's outlet, more people started going. Now many people are expected to go, they need more proper restaurants, i mean beside fast food franchises.

After coming back from the mall, the movie 'Freedom Writers' on DVD. It's a good movie, which inspired me too, they fought their battle and changed their lives by writing and how a teacher helped them to get it over with it and supporting them to reach their dreams.

Their dreams became reality via 'The Freedom Writers Diary: How a Teacher and 150 Teens Used Writing to Change Themselves and the World Around Them' , and I will go and look for the book if it's available in the local bookstore or in the neighborhood country or I'll order it online.

The movie has inspired me to read and write. I'm trying to write more positive way.

Few months ago, I came across wonderful online journal known as Hegab Rehab, which the author mostly post about the styles of Hegabs /Hejabs and accessories for Muslims women wear it and known part of Muslim woman dress code. Another journal 'Chasing Jannah', which is written by a Muslim woman.

The Omani community has been promised for the past few months that one of the most popular fast food franchise, known as Burger King will be back to operate in Oman. Up to now, the reserved space is empty and no signs of it's going to exists. Read more about it here were trying to figure out why it was closed at the first place.

The 'dark side of Dubai' brought you by UAE community blog.

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