Apr 26, 2005

Who do you love the most?

I was liseaning to someone who was parasing the Prophit Mohamed (SAW) through nasheed called "Mawled" "Birth".

She was performing it varywell, from her heart. Then I told her that she has a powerfull voice, she said she does it well only in this because she love the Prophit more then anyone.

Who do you love?


  1. I too love the Prophet Mohammed SAW) above everyone else. I truly wish I can emulate his example more in both words and deeds ......

    I wanted to inform you something, but I wasn't sure where to write to you shahad... at least I think it's you.

    I missed I revere & Petite for Life in my Review at www.bloggers4oman.blogspot.com

    Guess what, your blog appeared on an Editorial called "The United Federation of Bloggers Part 2".


    I'm assuming i revere and petite for life are both you (Shahad)....

    take care, now you're famous... ;)

  2. Calkoon,
    Thanks, yes I use both Petite For Life & Shahad ID for certain reasons, I was planning to stop posting as Petite For Life but after few months decided to continue keep low profile.

    I'm aware that my blog/journal been apeared in The United Federation of Bloggers Part 2" and I just wanted to keep a low profile that is why I didn't mention to anyone.

  3. Calkoon, read my post date to March 2005 'Petite For Life's new Identity' http://irevere.blogspot.com/2005/03/petite-for-lifes-new-identity.html