Apr 28, 2005

All Bahraini websites must register

The new law which was passed by the Information Ministry of Kingdom of Bahrain has caused allot of critic around the world. The purpose of the government doing that is to monitor the Bahraini citizens more closely and easy access to anyone who criticizes the government.

The law has been passed after the arrest of the Webmaster and journal owner Ali Abdulemam in feburay 2004.

So no more freedom of speech in Bahrain.

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Webmasters must register or face legal action
Published: 25th April 2005

MANAMA: Webmasters face prosecution if they defy new rules announced by Bahraini authorities. All Bahraini websites set up here or abroad must register with the Information Ministry or face legal action, it was declared yesterday.

A six-month campaign is being launched next Monday to register all Bahraini websites, under orders from Information Minister and Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar.

"The ministry will announce soon the details of how each website owner or supervisor can register," Information Under-Secretary Mahmood Al Mahmood told the GDN.

"If they fail to register then legal action will be taken against them based on the country's printing and publishing laws."

He said websites would face similar laws to newspapers, related to libel, public decency and ethics.

Just as a newspaper editor-in-chief is held responsible for what he publishes, so will the webmasters be, he said.

Ministry printing and publishing director Jamal Dawood said registration procedures would be in line with those for all types of publications, including newspapers, leaflets, audio and visual media.

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