Apr 23, 2005

Hijab battle

Hijab (headgear) is an Islamic veil for women to ware to cover their head. I wanted to talk about women who remove their veil when their are in wedding and women gatherings then react aggressively when people take their photos and tape them in video cameras.

Women think that they are free to remove it at their wedding day but they don’t realize the consequences of removing it that people take their photos and show it to others like their brothers, fathers, husbands, etc that who aren't suppose to see it, some or most think that she isn't Muahajeba (a veiled woman) at all (sorry to use Arabic terminologies as I don't know them in English).

The true mutahajeba won't show her heir at all only to her mahrem such as her father, grandfather, uncle, brother, husband, son & grandson.


  1. Good point.
    one can not help but ask : is the Lady Muhajjaba for islamic conviction or is it a bend for cultural demands which go out the window once u are out of the culture.

  2. Hijab is part of Islamic woman dress code.