Aug 22, 2010

A thought

Had a long conversation about how people life, career and failure; also how people give up very fast and take short cuts in life and been short sighted.

I remember been told not to continue doing a degree in business, as I failed while I was abroad, I said "No", and I didn't give up; I also remember when I was in my final year, I was told that a degree in IT won't get me a job or no career in Oman and its waste of time, and to do ACCA, which will take four years part time, and I completed my degree, while changing my job.

When I joined my 2nd job, I was told it will take me years to move to the specialized team, and I proved them wrong, it took me less the 9 months, I move to more specialized and professional teams.

All that thought me, listen to your guts and mind, be a leader and not a follower except to God and his prophet Mohammed (A.S.W.S.)
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