Aug 1, 2010

Blackberry loosing 500K of clients at once

Its a dark history of technology for UAE regulator to pull off the plug from blackberry, the most secured and encrypted service in the world because of Research In Motion (RIM) not willing to give it an access to monitor the UAE subscribers' data for safety and security of undetected threats plus all blackberry data are managed and maintained by an off-shored organization and not RIM.

UAE made a bold move, challenging RIM to surrender to its terms, now KSA issued statement to block one service known as BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

Will other countries do the same? It's pretty disturbing for me as a BlackBerry user, as I fear if my country regulator takes this opportunity to do the same move after investing people's money. UAE telecommunication companies already got back their investment back plus high profits from first year, that's why they didn't do any fuss and don't forget they are owned by the government.
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