Aug 5, 2010

Businesses in UAE and BlackBerry ban

Allot of Blackberry users in business are outraged for UAE regulator's decision for banning BlackBerry's services.

It seems most business are happy what BlackBerry gives them with product and service, its more of an idle that other products and services such as iPhone and others can't provide. The business are able to connect to the business' emails and clients round the clock, others get technical alerts and updates if their system is gone down or for example no cash in ATM for banking industry.

UAE and the others who want to ban the service are insecure and don't want to expose to the world.

Now USA planning to pass a law for individuals from royal families who are having legal issues related to human rights like UAE's president half brother, won't be able to enter USA soil and their current or valid legal pass will be revoked, so allot of royal families will have to find another destination for holiday.

The big question, will European countries follow USA's step, if the law is passed?
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