Aug 29, 2010


In August 2010, during the holy month of Ramadhan; an article related to Nicolas Sarkozy, the President of France has been widely circulated and still going on around in different languages.

The article is about "the French style of Ramadhan" about fasting and praying. It has been said that Nicolas Sarkozy has said it in media, but the truth was a Moroccan blogger has posted it in his blog in for humor purpose and its just a hoax.

The thing that people who circulated it until it reached to BBC Arabic without an evidence of the source to the Moroccan blogger. Nicolas Sarkozy's hoax article created retaliation by Muslims around the world, specially people who using it as a tool to create more conflicts between Muslims, France and the West.

Specially after law passed not for women to wear face cover, provoking muslims not to wear head gear, and the resistance in USA for not to build Masjid near the grand zero of the twin tower.

This is not the first hoax been created and circulated;Neil Armstrong was the first astronaut to step on the moon had a share of it. It was rumored that he heard The Islamic call for prayer, while he was on the moon, it turned out that the hoax started from Malaysia to move people towards Islam (no source yet).

All I want to say is, take a deep breath and verify the story and source, it won't harm you if you do so, or you might end up with a crisis.
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