May 3, 2009

A Quick Refresher - Sunnahs when wearing clothes

Sunnahs when wearing clothes of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad [Peace be upon him]
  • Rasulullah (S.a.w.) loved white Clothing.
  • When putting on any garment Rasulallah (S.a.w...) always began with the right limb.
  • When removing any garment Rasullallah (S.a.w.) always removed the left limb first.
  • Males must wear the pants above the ankles. Females should ensure that their lower garment covers their ankles.
  • Males should wear a "topee" or turban. Females must wear scarves at all times.
  • When wearing shoes, first wear the right shoe then the left.
  • When removing them first remove the left and then The right.


  1. I am interested in your writings, and I will more often visit your blog. Thank's my friend.

  2. Samsyu, thanks for the comment, some I write & some are forwardings from my email, I love to share it with others.