May 27, 2009

Haraam = Haraam

I do not know how to write this post, how to express my thought, it makes me feel emotionally angry, which I am honestly trying to control it.

The whole topic about people's dark secret they steal, rape, and commit adultery (pardon my spelling mistakes as I am posting via my mobile) and in front of society, they are kind, religious, etc. I don't understand why they accept committing adultery or rape & forget they have their own kids may happen to them as well because the made it Halal for them for doing which is not rightful by law.

When man gave a right for him self commit harassment, an adultery or rape a woman, he automatically by default also gave the same equal right for another man/ men to do the same thing with HIS OWN sister/ wife/ mother/ Auntie/ niece/ daughter/ grand daughter, etc.

I feel who commit such sin have a hole in their life, they are trying to fill it, despite of their awareness of law and religion consequences, they do it to satisfy them selves. What is prohibited by law & religion has more pleasure as they feel them selves above all. They forget what will happen to their own family.

Some people are 100% aware of their direct family members are committing such things, but they protect them and ready to pin it on someone else, only because their faith in God is weak.

I feel sorry for the victims.

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