May 26, 2009

Blogger / facebook / Twitter

Before starting reading this post, I want to say that I previously wrote another post about bloggers from Oman, but the mobile browser accidentally closed, and nothing was saved. So I will post it another day.

I used to enjoy to be a blogger until facebook came and stole a bit of my time, but will Twitter is driving people into twitt their day-to-day actions and events, blogging became much less and less.

I started posting more about what has been shared with me by my relatives & friends, even from Google reader, since micro blogging taking most of my time, although I reduced to twitt by 75%. I came across good Arabic stuff, I may post them, so my apologies in advance to the non-Arabic readers. I have an interesting Article about charity in Arabic, and I'll try to get someone to translate it in English, it had a big effect on me as a person and I wish it we all adopted such concept.

I have allot of things I want to share in my own words, what I mean by that, not re-shared articles, etc, I just can not organise my thoughts.

That's all for now.

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